China`s positive ratings dip in India

A new opinion poll shows 34% Indians view China favourably compared to 43% in an earlier survey.

Beijing: China`s positive ratings in India
have dipped with a new opinion poll showing 34 per cent of Indians
view it favourably compared to 43 per cent in an earlier
survey, but 85 per cent of Pakistanis rated it as a friendly

The survey, conducted by US-based Pew Research Centre
to gauge the world wide perspectives about China, showed that
52 per cent Indians viewed China unfavourably while 34 per
cent gave it a favourable rating.

The new polls showed a nine per cent dip in the
favourable rating enjoyed by China in India as an earlier
survey conducted by Chinese firm Horizan research consultancy
group between 2000 and 2009 showed that 43 per cent Indians
considered China as a partner and 23 per cent regarded it as

Results of the PEW survey published in the state-run
China Daily here showed an interesting pattern with Beijing
receiving its best ratings in Kenya where 86 per cent viewed
it favourably compared to 10 per cent negatively.

According to the survey conducted in 22 nations from
April 7 to May 8 this year, China understandably enjoyed high
positive rating of 85 per cent in Pakistan. Only three per
cent of Pakistanis interviewed gave unfavourable rating to
China, projected as all-weather friend.

The rising Asian power, however, received mixed
ratings across the world. Thirty six per cent viewed China
unfavourably in United States against 49 per cent, 46 per cent
regarded it positively in Britain against 35 per cent, 41 per
cent against 59 in France.

China received good ratings in Russia too where 60 per
cent viewed it favourably compared to 29 per cent negative

Among the countries where China was viewed mostly
negatively was Japan which has historic disputes with China.
Sixty nine per cent Japanese viewed China unfavourably
compared to 26 per cent otherwise.

In Germany, 61 per cent viewed China negatively
compared to 30 per cent and 61 per cent view Beijing
negatively compared to 20 per cent in Turkey.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who
co-chaired the Pew global attitudes project, noted at a
Washington news conference on Thursday that China is regarded
highly as a result of the country`s fast economic growth.
"Their star is clearly rising," she said.