Chishty apologises for ridiculing Indian judiciary

Pakistani national Khalil Chishty was released on bail by the SC and subsequently returned home late Tuesday after spending 20 years in jail in Ajmer.

Zeenews Bureau

Islamabad: Pakistani national Dr SM Khalil Chishty, who was released on bail by the Supreme Court and subsequently returned home late Tuesday after spending nearly 20 years in jail in Ajmer, has apologised for his remarks on judiciary.

Chishty had, during an interview with a Hindi news channel last week, ridiculed the Indian judiciary.

Chishty was shown saying the Indian judiciary was full of ganwars (ill-informed) and uneducated people, that leads to delay in disposal of cases. He had specially attacked the lower judiciary which, he alleged, failed to decide his case for 20 years.

However, after arriving in Pakistan the microbiologist said, “I wish to clarify that I did not mean to be disrespectful to the Indian judiciary, I am a law abiding man with utmost respect for judiciary. If my remarks hurt anyone please accept my deepest apology."

Chisty also said that he will return to India as ordered by the Supreme Court.

"I am grateful to the Indian Supreme Court for allowing me to return home for five months and for expediting the special leave petition which is scheduled for hearing on 20th of November 2012.

"I look forward to returning as ordered by the Supreme Court of India and having my name exonerated," 82-year-old Chisty said in an open letter.

Chisty is facing life sentence in a murder case. He was on May 10 permitted by the Supreme Court to visit Pakistan for a temporary stay.

As per the apex court`s direction, Chisty will have to deposit his passport at the Indian High Commission in Pakistan and return to India by November 1.

Chisty came to Ajmer in 1992 to visit his ailing mother. However, he allegedly got himself involved in a brawl in which one of his relatives was killed.

The apex court granted him bail on April 9 and since then he was living with his brother`s family in Dargah area in Ajmer.

Meanwhile, as per reports Ajmer lawyer Devendra Singh Chauhan has filed a petition in a fast track court accusing Chishty of scandalizing the Indian judiciary. The court will hear the petition on May 28.