CISF personnel at airports to be provided masks

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - 16:21

New Delhi: As cases of swine flu are on the
rise, CISF personnel posted at airports are being provided
masks to prevent infection from the deadly virus.

"While jawans posted at the arrival point of the airports
are already equipped with masks, others in the periphery and
inside the airports are also being provided the same," an
official said.

In view of the vulnerability of the paramilitary
personnel, a CISF jawan, posted at the Mumbai airport has been
taken for swine flu screening which started almost three
months ago for passengers.

The mask that is being currently provided to the security
personnel are the normal surgical masks which experts say are
of little use.

The US Centre for Disease Control and doctors here
recommend the special H 95 masks which are designed in such a
way that it does not allow even a micron of the virus to enter
the respiratory system.

"The cost difference is too high. Surgical masks come for
Rs 10 whereas H 95 costs about Rs 300 per piece," he said.

The jawans come in close proximity with the passengers
during frisking and hence they are most susceptible.

While there have been no reports of securitymen showing
symptoms of swine flu in Delhi, CISF is making arrangements to
get more masks for its personnel across all international and
domestic airports.

Bureau Report

First Published: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - 16:21
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