Closely monitoring events in Maldives: India

India on Tuesday said it was closely monitoring the "sudden turn of events" in Maldives.

New Delhi: India on Tuesday said it was closely
monitoring the "sudden turn of events" in Maldives, where the
President resigned following series of protests, but termed it
as "internal matter" which as of now needs no outside
assistance and said its community there was safe.

"We have noted the decision of President Mohamed Nasheed
to resign in favour of Vice President Mohamed Waheed. This is
an internal matter of the Maldives, to be resolved by
Maldivians. We hope that all issues will be resolved in a
peaceful and democratic manner," official spokesperson in the
Ministry of External Affair said here.

India has traditionally enjoyed close ties of friendship
and cooperation with the Maldives, he said, adding, "We remain
committed to extending the fullest support and cooperation to
the Maldivian government in its endeavour to promote peace and
progress there and the prosperity and well being of its

"We continue to closely monitor the situation in the
Maldives and understand that the Indian expatriate community
there is safe." There are about 30,000 Indians there.

Nasheed announced his resignation after weeks of public
protests over his order to arrest a senior judge, who had
ordered release of a government critic, and handed over the
power to his Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan.

Hoping that there will be "greater scope for stability"
for the national government, led by Waheed and comprising
nominees of both government and opposition, official sources
said, "We hope that the worst is over. It is positive that
there has been an amicable solution to the turmoil going on in