CMs should be consulted before Governor`s appointment: Advani

Most problems related to Centre-State relations could be solved if Governors are appointed in consultations with Chief Ministers, senior BJP leader L K Advani on Friday said.

Updated: Jul 23, 2010, 21:51 PM IST

New Delhi: Most problems related to
Centre-State relations could be solved if Governors are
appointed in consultations with Chief Ministers, senior BJP
leader L K Advani on Friday said and slammed the Congress for not
taking states into confidence in the process.

"Consultations with Chief Ministers while appointing
Governors solves a lot of problems... the Sarkaria Commission
report also points that selection (of a Governor) should be
made on correct principles to ensure that the right type of
person gets the post," Advani said.
He claimed that during the NDA rule, Governors were
appointed in consultation with the Chief Ministers.

"There was no exception... practically not one Governor
was appointed without consulting the Chief Minister
concerned," he said.

The senior BJP leader was speaking during a seminar `Role
of Governor in contemporary scenario - Can the media help
raise awareness?`

Attacking Congress, the BJP Parliamentary Party Chairman
said now CMs are "merely informed" about the appointment.
"There is no question of consultation," he charged.

The former deputy Prime Minister said during previous
Congress tenures, since most of the state governments too were
governed by the same party, the governors were appointed
without consultation.

"Perhaps this the reason behind the figures given by
Gen S K Sinha on removal of Governors," he said indicating
the differences between CMs and the Governors in some states.

Former Assam and Jammu and Kashmir Governor Gen Sinha
said during the seminar that between 1967 and 1986, 298
governors were appointed but only 18 could serve their
complete term.
He said the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal
Nehru had supported the idea of consulting states while
appointing Governors during a meeting of the Constituent

Advani termed the Sarkaria Commission report as the best
document detailing the Centre-State relations and the role of

"While the Constitution clearly indicates the role of the
Governor, the Commission report gives out the best
description," he said.

The BJP veteran said the Inter-State Council as envisaged
under Article 263 of the Constitution could help solve
differences between the states and the Centre.

"Though the Constitution was adopted in 1950, the Council
came into being only in 1990... for 20 years it has met only
on 10 occasions... it did not meet even once in the last five
years (of UPA rule). But we ensured that it met four times
during NDA rule," he claimed.

He further claimed that the feedback and opinion received
by the Sarkaria Commission from a cross section of society
suggested that "discarded and disgruntled politicians from the
party in power in the Union who could not be accommodated
elsewhere are appointed as Governors.
"Therefore, persons in office tend to function as agents
of government rather than work as impartial authority," he

He said it was Gen Sinha who suggested holding such a
seminar against the backdrop of the "situation in Karnataka".

In his address, Gen Sinha said politicians were playing
"musical chair" between governorship, chief ministership and
being Union Ministers.

Gen Ajai Singh, former Assam Governor said either the
"right person" should be made Governor or the system should be

Former Tripura and Chhattisgarh Governor, Gen K M Seth,
said the trend of appointing "discarded politicians" as
governors should be checked.