Cong MP joins BJP in slamming govt on Telangana

Senior Congress leader from Andhra Pradesh K Keshav Rao joined the BJP in the Rajya Sabha in slamming the "delay" by Centre.

New Delhi: In an embarrassment for the
ruling party, senior Congress leader from Andhra Pradesh K Keshav Rao on Monday joined the BJP in the Rajya Sabha in slamming
the "delay" by Centre and Congress in formation of Telangana.

This is the second time in this budget session that Rao
has taken on the government in the Upper House on the issue of
Telangana, the last being a few days back.

Upping the ante for a separate statehood, Rao, a Rajya
Sabha MP from the region, who is retiring this week, supported
the contention of BJP leader Prakash Javadekar that suicide
after suicide is taking place over Telangana issue and the
government was indulging in "time killing" by constituting

"It is not one or two that he (Javadekar) is talking
about. It is about the 700 people who died there. Give me an
instance in history, where 700 people died for one cause. Do
you want more people to die for this cause?...if you want
three crore people to die for this,... they will die...all.
Kill us - that will solve the problem for you ," Rao said
drawing cheers from Opposition benches.
The Congress leader rued that the Government of India did
not agree to the separate state of Telangana even as the first
Reorganisation Commission had favoured it.

"You please implement what you said. You gave all states
what the SRCs said, but not Telangana. Forget it. I am the PCC
President. We put it in our manifesto that we would give
Telangana. But we did not give. Then the President of India
told this House that Government would give Telangana, but
nothing happened," Rao said.
Referring to the Committee chaired by Finance Minister
Pranab Mukherjee to look into the matter earlier he said, "He
(Mukherjee) talked to all friends, and, overwhelmingly,
everybody agreed to it. But nothing happened."


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