Congress attacks BJP on Kushwaha

Congress Thursday sought to puncture BJP`s campaign on the Lokpal issue.

New Delhi: Congress Thursday sought to puncture
BJP`s campaign on the Lokpal issue alleging that the admission
into the partyfold of controversial former UP minister Babu
Singh Kushwaha has exposed its probity plank.

Party spokesman Rashid Alvi wondered that on the one hand
BJP today approached the President under the leadership of
veteran L K Advani for a strong Lokpal while on the other it
has admitted a person like Kushwaha.

A day after he switched loyalties and moved to the BJP,
the CBI raided former Mayawati minister Kushwaha. An FIR has
been filed against him in the National Rural Health Mission
(NRHM) scam.

Amid a row in the BJP over Kushwaha`s admission, Alvi
insisted that his entry showed what type of the Lokpal the BJP
wanted and why it did not cooperate in the passage of the
Lokpal Bill in the Rajya Sabha.

"The true colours of the BJP have come to the fore. All
those parties who talked in favour of Lokpal did showed true
colour when it came in Rajya Sabha," he said.

Alvi reminded that while Sushma Swaraj in Lok Sabha
repeatedly said that there should not be any haste in passing
the Lokpal bill and it should be referred to Standing
Committee, the BJP led by Advani meets President demanding a
special session to pass Lokpal.

"Whether what Sushma said was right or what Advani-led
BJP told the President?" he asked.

Alvi also utilised the occasion to take potshots at Anna
Hazare and Team Anna. He said that there were expectations
that the social activist and his colleagues who always train
their guns on Congress would target BJP on the Kushwaha issue.
"But not a word was heard about the corruption there."

On reports that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was
allegedly misutilsing funds from the Communal harmony fund to
hold his fasts in different parts of the state, he said that
such misutilisation has become the "habit" of the Chief


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