Congress downplays TMC walkout in Lok Sabha

Cong sought to put all its allies in good humour downplaying TMC walkout in Lok Sabha over NCTC issue and threat by DMK to pull out of the govt.

New Delhi: Congress on Monday sought to put all
its allies in good humour downplaying Trinamool Congress
walkout in the Lok Sabha over NCTC issue and the threat by DMK
to pull out of the government on the Sri Lankan Tamil problem.

The AICC also signalled warming of ties with Samajwadi
Party and chose to go soft on historysheeter Raja Bhaiyya`s
induction into Akhilesh Yadav`s Cabinet in Uttar Pradesh.

Party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi also sounded
triumphant over the Opposition`s amendment on NCTC failing in
Lok Sabha saying the voice of people shouting from rooftop
about instability of the government stands defeated.

"Trinamool Congress has clarified that they as a party
absented themselves from the vote. It is wrong to suggest
words like boycott or walkout. They have made it clear that
while they may not agree with some particular policies, they
do not want to disagreee with the government. After what TMC
has said, I do not think there is any need for Congress to
come out with any other response," Singhvi told reporters.

Earlier BJP leader Sushma Swaraj had said the
government`s majority claim has collapsed as the division on
the NCTC showed that there were 227 votes in favour of the
government, which was 45 less than the majority.

Singhvi also refused to see any contradiction in Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh`s stand on Railway Minister Dinesh
Trivedi`s exit under Trinamool`s pressure.

"Prime Minister has said something for an outgoing
colleague, who himself had tendered resignation. All that he
said was as a normal civilsed conduct, he regretted a
colleague`s departure... As far as these two dimensions are
concerned, neither Congress nor Trinamool can have any
objection to it," Singhvi said.

Amid speculation of SP joining the UPA government,
Singhvi was sparing in comments when asked about Raja Bhaiya`s
induction into that party and explained the party`s earlier
atttack on alleged goondaism during SP`s rule as reference to
the "previous regime".