Contract given for killing Anna?

Anna Hazare has alleged that a `supari’ of Rs 30 lakhs was given to get him killed by a minister.

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: A sensational revelation by Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare has left the Maharashtra government in a tizzy. Anna has alleged that ‘a supari’ (contract killing pact) of Rs 30 lakhs was given to get him killed by a minister. He, however, did not name the minister.

Anna said that there was a constant threat to his life and that he was, “fighting with big goons”. His statement has brought the politics in Maharashtra at a volatile juncture.

Whereas the Shiv Sena has demanded a CBI inquiry into Hazare’s allegation, the NCP has dubbed the Gandhian’s crusade against corruption as an attempt to malign the government.

As per Zeenews reports, Anna’s fear for his life is not without reason. In June 2009, a conspiracy to kill Anna had been unearthed. The CBI had arrested Parasmal Jain and Satish Mandawane in the murder of Congress leader Pawanraje Nimblakar. During interrogation the duo had revealed that they had been given a contract to murder Anna.

With reports of threat to Anna’s life, the Maharashtra government has claimed to have given full protection to the face of anti-corruption movement. Maharashtra’s home minister, RR Patil has reassured that he was safe in the state and has promised to look into the whole affair.

Anna has been a crusader of anti-graft movement for a long time. It is because of his relentless fight to clean the system that many ministers in Maharashtra had to give up their positions and resign from the government. To name one, during the Shiv Sena-BJP rule, social justice minister Babanrao Ghopal had to give up his post because of allegations of corruption.

Similarly, in the Congress-NCP government Padam Singh Patil and Nawab Mallik had to resign when faced with similar charges.

The shocking statement by Anna has led to a series of charges and counter charges in the state. On the one hand, Shiv Sena leader Neelam Gore has asked the central government to step-in and look into the matter. On the other, NCP leader, Nawab Gore has alleged that both Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are working as the face of BJP and the RSS.

Clearly, the lines are divided and Anna’s fight against corruption has left a lot of politicians visibly uncomfortable.

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