Counting in 5 states, EC deploys more observers

The EC has made elaborate arrangements for Tuesday`s counting of votes in 5 states by setting up counting halls for all 690 constituencies.

New Delhi: The Election Commission has made
elaborate arrangements for tomorrow`s counting of votes in
five states by setting up counting halls for all 690 assembly
constituencies in 168 locations and deploying additional

Counting would be done in 72 locations in Uttar Pradesh,
52 in Punjab, 16 in Uttarakhand and 12 in Manipur and only
three locations in Goa.

Sources said that the EC has deployed additional observers
for counting this time and several officials of the Commission
in Delhi are being sent to the five states for overseeing the
counting process on Tuesday.

The EC has also ordered videography of counting process in
each hall. It has, however, this time done away with
compulsory videography of each counting table due to practical

The EC has allowed candidates and their elections agents
inside the counting hall, it has also allowed the counting
agents of candidates at each counting table.

The Commission has also made full security arrangements
for counting. There will also be micro-observers for counting
and in each round two EVMs will be recounted by the micro-

The Commission has recently modified instructions of video
recording of the display of each EVM and its display on large
screens for each table, saying these instructions were not
found to be practical and it will result in too many wires in
the counting hall which may get entangled, and also in many
small places such large number of video screens are not

However, the Commission has given instructions that the
display of the EVM shall be shown to the satisfaction of
counting agents, and if necessary the counting supervisor
shall hold the EVM up for easy viewing of the display by the
counting agents.

The EC has directed that round-wise result sheet be signed
by the Returning Officer and observer jointly and round-wise
result is announced loudly by the RO and written on a large
black board/white board in the counting hall.