CPI backs Ramdev`s agitation against graft

Calling Ramdev`s agitation against graft as a "people`s struggle", Communist Party of India (CPI) said the government should concede to his demands.

Jammu: Calling Ramdev`s agitation against
graft as a "people`s struggle", Communist Party of India (CPI) on Saturday said the government should concede to his demands.

"I support his (Ramdev`s) demand. I think government
should concede whether he is a saint or not. It is not his
demand alone. It is demand of the lakhs of workers of the
country," Member of Parliament and General Secretary of All
India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) Gurudas Dasgupta said here
on the sidelines of a day-long conference here.
"Ramdev is a religious leader. He is on fast from
today. The demand he is raising, I support that," Gupta said.

He further said that corruption has reached to a critical
point in the country and there has to be constitutional and
administrative steps to curb it, particularly in high places.

"Today because he is Ramdev, government seems to be
in jitters. But few months back there were lakhs of workers
parading the streets of Delhi against corruption and price
rise," he said.
"I think struggle against corruption is a national
one. It does not belong to anybody. It belongs to the
whole of nation and nation is united on this," he said.

To a question about Baba getting into limelight in the
name of war against corruption, Gupta said, "nobody can take
limelight. Neither Ramdev nor Anna Hazare. It is afterall
people`s struggle against corruption that is in the limelight
and that is an issue for the nation".

Referring to a question about union ministers visit to
Baba Ramdev, Gupta said, "it is not correct to say if Ramdev
sits there for hunger strike and if four ministers go there
with folded hands, he will be in the limelight".

To a question about RSS support to Baba, CPI leader
said "it is their choice if RSS and BJP supports his demand.
The problem of corruption is not only affecting Congress but
equally to BJP".

"What we see today in Karnatka is an example how
illegal mining is being supported by the state government
there belonging to BJP and there are many examples I can give
in this regard," he said.

Replying to a question on Baba taking on Parliament,
he said "if a religious leader wants to take on Parliament, it
is his choice, we should not feel jealous about it".

Asked about the question as to who is responsible for
this event, Gupta said "I only think that it is the government
which is responsible. Price rise, corruption, disparity in
society, job losses, 51 per cent people do not have two meals
a day and a family is constructing a palace at a cost of Rs
8,000 crores in Mumbai, these are all issues that contribute
to such a struggle".

"If anybody is destabilising the country, it is the
present government and its policies," he said.

Maintaining that Ramdev has a right to struggle against
corruption, he said anybody can raise the demand to fight
against the corruption.


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