CPI(M) forming suicide squad to kill me: Mamata

Mamata Banerjee alleged CPI(M) has hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her.

Updated: Aug 01, 2010, 00:04 AM IST

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress chief Mamata
Banerjee Saturday alleged that unable to fight her politically,
CPI(M) has hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her and discussed
forming a suicide squad for that.

"CPI(M) and some other political parties which have
vested interests -- I am not speaking about all parties -- have
held a meeting and hatched a conspiracy to eliminate me. Such
a meeting was held, you can inquire," Banerjee told reporters

She charged that at the meeting CPI(M) discussed forming
a suicide squad to eliminate her and that whatever money was
required would be paid.

Banerjee claimed she had information of this and thought
that West Bengal government had it too.

"CPI(M) ministers and leaders are keeping a watch on my
movements. They are inquiring about my movements. A conspiracy
is afoot to kill me," she alleged.

"Is it fair politics? They cannot fight us politically.
They are cowards," she said.

She also alleged a suicide squad was formed by CPI(M) to
eliminate Trinamool youth Congress president and MP Shubhendu

Asked how she knew about the suicide squads, Banerjee
said, "Why is CPI(M) setting up so many camps of armed cadre
in West Midnapore? Because they want to kill me."