Delhi gang-rape accused Ram Singh not remorseful; family says good riddance

As the investigation and interrogation in the Delhi gang-rape case continue, more shocking details are emerging.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: As the investigation and interrogation in the Delhi gang-rape case continue, more shocking details are emerging.

According to police sources, the prime accused in the case Ram Singh has admitted to assaulting the girl and her male friend after losing control.

As per a report in The Times of India, 33-year-old Singh is a volatile man and his friends call him "mental".

Singh told police that when the victim resisted and bit his hand while being assaulted, he lost his cool and went berserk. A drunk Singh picked up an iron rod and hit the two wherever he could. The other accused just followed him.

According to the TOI report, Singh had become volatile following the death of his wife about two years back. He used to pick up fights at the slightest pretext. He is an accused in an accident case and has even admitted to being involved in several other brawls. He had also run away with a girl in his neighbourhood, sources said.

According to the investigating team led by Inspector Anil Sharma, Singh is a cold and remorseless man. "Initially, he denied everything. But when he began to open up, he chose to divulge each detail, with no repentance. Such brutality does not affect him. He tried to destroy evidence by washing the bus with confidence and told his accomplices to not worry, and lie low for some time. He stayed calm when he went and parked the bus in RK Puram, and then took it back to the owner in Noida. The confidence he shows is not of a novice definitely," the officer said, reported TOI.

According to police, in order to avoid being tracked and destroy evidence Singh and his accomplices stripped the victims completely and threw them out of the bus so that no trace of semen or blood could be found. The accused also took away the victims’ mobiles and switched them off.

How shrewd Ram Singh is was established by the fact that he refused to undergo the test identification parade yesterday.

Meanwhile, the families of those involved in the crime have said that they are happy that the accused have been caught.

The estranged sister-in-law of the main accused said Ram Singh and his brother Mukesh, who live at the Ravidas Camp in RK Puram Sector 3, had maligned the name of the colony and that they were the black sheep of the family.

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