Delhi HC blast: 2 days on, agencies still clueless

Indian Mujahideen, on Thursday said it executed the blast making it more complicated for the officials.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Even after two days of intense probe, the investigating agencies have failed to make a breakthrough in the Delhi High Court blast case, which killed 13 people and left 73 inured.

In fact, the case is getting murkier with each passing hour. The security agencies, especially the National Investigative Agency (NIA), which is probing the explosion that killed 13 people, seems to be having a tough time in dealing with the ‘smarter’ terrorists.

"Investigation teams of the NIA (National Investigation Agency) are vigorously pursuing various leads with the cooperation of Delhi Police," UK Bansal, Secretary (Internal Security) in the Home Ministry, told reporters.

He said forensic experts summoned from Gujarat and Hyderabad to assist in the investigation again scanned the scene of the crime on Thursday.

"They have found some more material which may have relevance to the investigation," Bansal said, indicating that there was no concrete evidence related to the explosives used in the bomb.

He, however, said traces of a mixture of nitrate and PETN, (pentaerythritol trinitrate), have been found but that was not conclusive.

"We will let you know about the forensic report when it comes," he said.

Who is behind the blast?

Which group executed the Delhi HC blast is still a mystery. On Wednesday itself, Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HuJI) claimed responsibility for the explosion. But on Thursday, Indian Mujahideen said it executed the blast. And on Friday, another e-mail from an unknown group claiming responsibility made it more complicated for the officials.

In an e-mail to a few media organisations, the IM in fact warned of carrying out another attack on September 13 (Tuesday) at a crowded shopping complex. “Stop us if you can,” dared the IM.

“There cannot be any connection between HuJI and Wednesday’s blast. We planned it long back to carry out the blast at Delhi High Court on Wednesday since it is the busiest day. HuJI is remotely not involved,” said an e-mail signed by Chhotu, an alleged Indian Mujahideen member.

The NIA has also detained some suspects related to the bombing, while six have been taken into custody in Jammu and Kashmir.

Those arrested include two owners of a cyber cafe in Kishtwar district of the state who were questioned about the person who had sent HuJI e-mail claiming responsibility for the blast. The other three were one of their employees and two other residents of the town.

Meanwhile, Srinagar resident Farooq Ahmed was detained for questioning on his return from Delhi. He had visited the high court in Delhi Wednesday.

States ATS squads in Delhi

Meanwhile, teams of anti-terrorism squads from the neighbouring states have also reached Delhi "for discussions and consultations with NIA and Delhi Police in connection with the investigation", said Bansal.

Struggling for any concrete clue, the NIA also announced a reward of Rs 500,000 for anyone providing clues about the suspects.

"The NIA has announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for anyone giving any information to follow up the case. As far as investigation is concerned, it is going on. Delhi Police and NIA are coordinating," Home Secretary RK Singh told reporters.

Police also junked the theory that a missing car may hold a clue to solving the blast puzzle after the vehicle was found in Faridabad, on the outskirts of the capital.

The car -- a silver Santro with registration number DL9CA 6034 -- was seen by eyewitnesses near the blast site just before the explosion.

The car, owned by National Insurance Company employee Inshu Minocha, was stolen in 2009.

"The car has nothing to do with the bomb blast," said a police officer.