‘Democracy, dynastic succession cannot co-exist’

Accusing the Gandhi family of practising dynastic politics, BJP leader LK Advani said democracy and dynastic succession cannot co-exist.

Kumta (Kar): Accusing the Gandhi family of
practising dynastic politics, BJP leader L K Advani today said
democracy and dynastic succession cannot co-exist.

"Just as good governance and corruption cannot co-exist,
similarly, democracy and dynastic succession cannot co-exist,"
he said addressing a public meeting here on the 22nd day of
his Jan Chetna Yatra.

Alleging that the Congress had become a pocket borough
of a single family, he said, "Never mind, if not one, then his
son and then his son, it will continue like this."

Lamenting that even after 60 years of Independence, India
continues to be in the backyard of the world and not regarded
as a front-ranking country, Advani said it was so due people
who despite being in power for most of the years could not
provide good governance to the nation.
"In 1947 we got Swarajya (independence), but the people
who took over the rajya (government) could not convert it into
Su-rajya (good government) and failed to provide honest and
good governance.

"The earlier years were fine, when leaders like Sardar
Vallabh Bhai Patel were with us, who kept the nation united.
But then things deteriorated. The Congress slowly turned into
a family party...," he said.

He said that due to the "corrupt" Congress-led government
at the Centre, the image of India is getting tarnished and its
dignity lowered among the nations of the world.

Advani said if the Indian black money returned to the
country, India would become prosperous and emerge at the top
of the comity of nations.
He also hoped that the repatriated black money is spent
in rural India to steer the six lakh villages across the
country to prosperity.

The BJP leader also tried to connect with the rural folk
in the coastal state by starting his address here in Kannada
to a loud applause from the crowds.

On its 22nd day today Advani`s anti-corruption Yatra
later entered Akola in Maharashtra and then to Goa in the


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