Deoband chief endorses Modi’s Gujarat

Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi, has said that "all communities" are flourishing in Gujarat.

Zeenews Bureau

Surat: In arguably the most significant endorsement of Narendra Modi’s development led agenda in Gujarat, the new Darul Uloom vice-chancellor, Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi, has said that "all communities" are flourishing in the state without any discrimination against the minorities.

As per a report published in a leading newspaper on Wednesday, Vastanvi, who himself is a Gujarati from Surat –without giving Modi a clean chit in relation with the 2002 riots- argued that it is time to move on.

He was quoted as saying that rioting anywhere — in Gujarat or in any other part of the world — is bad for humanity and it should never happen and that the 2002 riots were a blemish for India and all culprits should be punished.

Surely, Vastanvi’s observations won’t go unnoticed as it answers a lot of questions about the status of minorities in today’s Gujarat – many activists working among the riot victims and even the Centre had been claiming that there is continuing discrimination against Muslims.

Infact, he even opined that ‘there are not as many problems as has being projected.

On justice to the riot victims, he was quoted as saying that the riots had got worse because the police failed to act due to political pressure during those days.

Vastanvi, an MBA graduate, was recently elected as chief of Darul Uloom chief and is seen as a possible “change” catalyst in the world view of the conservative seminary.

He has been a votary of introducing modern subjects like medicine, engineering in the seminaries and continues to goad Muslims to “study well” to partake in the development of the country.

Uttar Pradesh based Darul Uloom is a one the most important Islamic seminaries not just in India but in the world and has adherents well beyond the country`s borders.