Deploy lady officers in police station: court to police chief

Court pointed out that the male officers investigating the cases involving crime against women was against the mandate of the apex court.

New Delhi: Taking strong exception to a male
police officer investigating a rape case, a Delhi court has
asked the police chief to deploy adequate number of lady
officers to deal with cases relating sexual assaults.

Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau said it should be
brought to the knowledge of the City Police Commissioner so
that he could examine why women police officers were not
engaged for investigating the cases relating to violence
against women despite a standing order in this regard.

"It is rather surprising to note the shortage of lady
police officers at the level of police stations to handle
investigations of sexual assault cases, which is despite the
fact that the Delhi Police is supposedly credited with a
record number of lady police officers" the court said.

It pointed out that the male officers investigating the
cases involving crime against women was against the mandate of
the apex court as well as the guidelines.

"This aspect is required to be placed before the
Commissioner of Police, Delhi as it would be desirable for him
to examine why sufficient number of lady police officers have
not been posted at police stations for dealing with crime
against women, particularly sexual assault cases, resulting
in violation of their own guidelines regarding investigation
of rape cases," the court said.

The court directed that it was necessary that immediate
steps should be taken to remedy the situation and ensure that
sufficient number of lady police officers are made available
in the police stations round the clock.

It further said that if due to any exigency, the lady
officers are not available, then lady officers from other
police stations in the district should be immediately put on
the job rather than deputing male officers to handle the

The court made the remarks while noting that a male
Sub Inspector had investigated a case of rape against a minor
victim and the senior police officers, including an Assistant
Commissioner of Police, had attributed it to non-availability
of woman police officers.

"It is certainly a matter of serious concern which
required to be highlighted before the Commissioner of Police,
Delhi," the court said.

As per the guidelines issued to the Delhi police, as soon
as a complaint with regard to sexual assault is received, the
duty Officer posted at a police station is required to call a
lady police officer to make the victim and her family

It also required that the probe of the case has to be
referred to the officer, preferably a lady, of not less than
the rank of Sub Inspector who is imparted appropriate
training to deal with such victims.


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