DGCA to meet airlines officials over safety issue

Aviation regulator DGCA would be meeting top officials of the air carriers shortly to discuss over safety issues, sources said on Thursday.

New Delhi: Aviation regulator DGCA is
reviewing the replies by airlines on the safety lapses pointed
out by it in a financial audit and would be meeting top
officials of the air carriers shortly, sources said on Thursday.

Weeks after several safety lapses were pointed out by the
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) after a financial
surveillance, the Indian carriers claimed they were complying
with all safety regulations for their flight operations.

The DGCA would hold a meeting "shortly" to tell airline
representatives whether their plans to comply with all
instructions and rules, as pointed out by the regulator
following the audit, were practicable and feasible, the
sources said.

The audit found a long list of discrepancies and
violations by the cash-strapped airlines due to widespread
sickness in the sector which was seriously impacting safety of
flight operations.

Taking serious note of non-compliance or flouting of
safety rules by the carriers, it recommended action against
the airlines under the Aircraft Rules and Civil Aviation
Requirements (CARs).

After the meeting with all the airlines, the DGCA would
carry out a safety review under the Safety Evaluation
Assessment Tool (SEAT) which has over 150 parameters, the
sources said.

Now on, the regulator would constantly monitor the
airlines to keep a track on whether they continue to maintain
high standards and practices to ensure fool-proof safety of
flight operations, they said.