Did not seek US help in tackling Chinese incursions: India

India has denied seeking any assistance from the US on the Chinese border incursions in Ladakh.

Washington: India has denied seeking any assistance from the US on the Chinese border incursions in Ladakh, asserting that New Delhi is capable enough to take care of its own territorial integrity.

"Ultimately it is sovereign function to take care of India`s own territorial integrity. We are not going around asking other people to take care of our interest. We are an independent country," National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon said yesterday as he concluded his six-day US trip, during which he met top officials of the Obama administration.

In April, Chinese PLA troops had intruded 10 km deep inside Indian territory in Ladakh and set up a tented post.

"Your question was have you gone to the Americans asking them to defend India. The answer is no," Menon said when asked if India had sought any American assistance to defend its borders during the recent Chinese incursions, in light of a CIA report, released last week, that revealed that India had sought US help in the aftermath of the 1962 Sino-India war.

"Which year was that? You ask me did I go and ask the Americans to defend India. My answer is no. That is not the question that in today`s day and age you need to ask," Menon said in a terse response to a question.

"That kind of question (asking for US help on Chinese border incursion), I do not think should be asked," he said.

During his stay in Washington, Menon met his American counterpart Susan Rice; US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel and US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, among others.

During these meetings, Menon discussed a wide range of issues including Pakistan, Afghanistan and the ongoing tension on the Line of Control (LoC).

"You asked about terrorism across the LoC and also about ceasefire violations. All these were mentioned. Our American friends knew what is happening. And we obviously discussed these as well," he said, as he praised the Obama administration for its policy on Kashmir and repeated refusal to meditate between India and Pakistan.

"They (US) are very correct about not getting involved in other people`s business. They have been and they continue to be. So while I have seen statements by the spokesmen and so on, but when it comes to the formal discussion, they are very careful, very correct," Menon said.


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