Digvjay condemns Kejariwal statement

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Monday condemns Arvind Kejariwal`s statement on Parliament and MPs.

Lucknow: Condemning Arvind Kejariwal`s
statement on Parliament and MPs, Congress general secretary
Digvijay Singh on Monday said that the Team Anna member must
explain in which type of system he believes.

"I condemn Kejariwal`s comment on the Parliament. He must
tell that if Parliament is bad, parliamentary democracy is bad
then in which type of system he believes-- dictatorship or
single party rule," Digvijay told reporters.

He asked Kejariwal to speak the truth about himself and
how many times he had violated the orders of the government.

Alleging that BJP`s line was the line of Team Anna, he
said, "they never speak against BJP and Congress is always
their target".

The Congress leader claimed that they were piqued with
the fact that despite their opposition Congress was getting
the support of the people.

"They are campaigning on the issue of Right To Reject.
But it must be told that till the fifth phase of polling
percentage of such people was not even .001 per cent," he

In reply to a question, Digvijay alleged that Ramdev
and Team Anna were two sides of the same coin. "They all are
A, B and C teams of the RSS. I have always held that RSS is an
organisation which does not believe in democratic values.
Those who do not believe in democratic values are guided by
this organisation".

He said the government must investigate into foreign
funding of all such organisations, who have been agitating on
the issues concerned to development and cause government

The Congress leader said that the party would either get
majority or emerge as the single largest party in UP polls.


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