Don`t shy away from `hinglish` in offices: MHA

Do Hindi words like `misil`, `pratyabhuti`, `kunjipatal`, `sanganak` leave you puzzled?

New Delhi: Do Hindi words like `misil`,
`pratyabhuti`, `kunjipatal`, `sanganak` leave you puzzled?

Noting that such puritan use of Hindi generates
disinterest among masses, the Home Ministry has recommended
that such words can be replaced with English alternatives in
devnagari script for official work.
So, `misil` can be replaced with file, `pratyabhuti` with
guarantee, `kunjipatal` with keyboard and `sanganak` with
omnipresent `computer`.

These were some examples cited by Veena Upadhyay,
Secretary, Department of Official Language at Home Ministry in
a circular.

The circular advocates use of popular Hindi words and
English alternatives to make the language more attractive and
popular in offices and masses.

"Whenever, during the official work, Hindi is used as
translating language, it becomes difficult and complex. There
is an urgent need to make changes in the process of English to
Hindi translations. Translations should carry expression of
the original text rather than word-by-word Hindi substitute,"
the circular said.
It said use of popular words of Urdu, English, and other
regional languages should be promoted in official
correspondence. Pure Hindi should be for literary purposes
while practical `mixed` version for work purposes.

"Foreign words which are now popular in Hindi like
ticket, signal, lift, station, police, bureau, button,
fee...and Arabian, Turkish, Farsi words like Adalat, Kanoon,
Muqadma, Kagaz, Daftar...should be used as it is in Hindi
correspondences," it said.

The Ministry said it is better to use popular English
terms in Devnagri script than to translate them in pure Hindi.


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