Don’t side with US: China’s official media

Right time for India to play active role in world affairs but shouldn’t side with US, China said.

Beijing: As India entered the UNSC as a
non-permanent member pressing its case for a permanent seat,
analysts here have said that it is right time for India to
play a more active role in world affairs but New Delhi should
not side with the US to contain China.

China is the only country in the P5 group which is yet
to make its stand completely clear on India`s claim for a
permanent seat in an expanded Security Council. The others --
the UK, France, Russia and the US -- have all supported
India`s bid.

Reporting on India, Germany, South Africa, Colombia,
and Portugal taking over as non-permanent members of the UNSC,
the Chinese official media for the first time highlighted New
Delhi`s bid to become a permanent member of UNSC.

Prof Su Hao of the China Foreign Affairs University,
who was interviewed on the state-run CCTV about India`s
aspiration to become UNSC permanent member said "India is one
of the biggest countries of the world. China has partnership
with India. Certainly India is important in managing
international affairs".

"This time India has taken non-permanent seat. This is
right time India to take more and more important role in
international arena," he said.

Asked about the likelihood of India becoming a
permanent member in the UNSC in the light of US President
Barrack Obama`s strong endorsement, Su said the US has an
intention to use India as a `leverage` to balance China in
Asia and in international arena.

"For China we want to keep close and cooperative
relation with India in a framework of partnership with each
other. On one hand US has some kind of intention. On the other
hand it is good for India to keep friendly ties with China.

"It is not really good for India to keep side with US
against China," he said.

Ever since Obama declared US` support for India for
the permanent seat, Indian officials are looking for some
degree of clarity emerging in China`s stand on the issue.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in his recent visit said in
his speech to the Indian Council World Affairs that India
"should and can play an increasingly important role" on the
international stage.

"China and India have shared interests and common
views on the issue of UN Security Council reform. We both
maintain that priority should be given to increasing the
representation of developing countries," he said.
However, he stopped short of clearly stating his
country`s stand.

Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said in an interview
after Wen`s visit that "my own reading is that when it comes
to the crux of the matter, when it comes to the ultimate
decision, China is unlikely to stand in the way".

Reporting on India taking over as the non-permanent
member of the UNSC, Chinese state-run Xinhua said in its
report that Brazil, Japan, and newly-elected Germany and
India, known as the Group of Four (G4), have formally
introduced a proposal to expand the 15-member Council by 10
seats, with 6 permanent members.

The G4 proposal argues that the Council`s post-World
War II structure does not reflect the realities of today`s

Despite a general consensus by all 192 UN member
states to reform the Council, the process of reform continues
to face serious political obstacles.

It is an issue that has been under discussion for 17
years, the news agency said in its report.


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