`Emergence of right-wing terror a cause of worry`

Emergence of right-wing terror elements in the country is a "cause of worry" for the government which, however, says it is not a "big threat" now.

New Delhi: Emergence of right-wing terror
elements in the country is a "cause of worry" for the
government which, however, says it is not a "big threat" now.

In an interaction with PTI, Union Home Secretary G
K Pillai also made clear that action would be taken against
any police official who was found implicating innocent youths
on serious charges of blasts in the past.

"Right now, they (right-wing elements) are not that
big a threat... whatever intelligence we are getting. But it
is a cause of worry. The more radical and fundamental groups
you have in the country, it is a cause of worry. That is
something we have to tackle," he said.

India cannot afford to have mushrooming growth of
radical groups of whatever hue as it was bad for the country,
Pillai said, adding the extent of radical right-wing extremist
groups was extremely limited as of now.

"What we understand, it is extremely limited. But even
50 or 100 people who are conspiring in one group or different
groups to do this or that... it is itself a cause of concern,"
he said.

Pillai said there are some people who are still at
large and the "NIA and CBI are looking for atleast about 20
plus people" in various cases of blasts including the
Samjhauta train explosion.

Pillai said the Government would firmly deal with
these elements as well. "In our point of view all people who
indulge in terrorism act are enemies of the state. We treat
them all equally."

Police in Maharashtra and Rajasthan have been probing
alleged involvement of right-wing activists in connection with
blast cases in Malegaon and Ajmer.

In the wake of Swami Aseemanand`s confession that
Malegaon 2006 was a handiwork of Hindu groups, Pillai was
clear that action would be taken against officials who were
found guilty of implicating youths in blast cases.

"Wherever we find that false cases are filed, action
will be taken. Union Home Minister also has made it clear that
there will be zero tolerance on human rights violations," he

The Home Secretary brushed aside the perception that
the role of Hindu groups in Samjhauta train blast had put New
Delhi on the backfoot and said, "There would not be pressure
on us because we are open about it. The investigation are
open, courts are free....

"In June, we told (Pakistan) that investigations are
on.... When something crystallises, we will share it with them
.... Now we have said as soon as the charge sheet is filed we
will share the full details with them because a very large
number of Pakistani citizens were killed."

Asked whether Muslim youths arrested in previous cases
of blasts, which have been now found to be handiwork of right
wing group, would be released, he said, "I think that process
is on... as CBI moves for that process of review and release
of those detained... that process has already been initiated."

To a question whether right wing groups were finding
sympathy within the armed forces and police, the Home
Secretary said, "Nothing has come.. there have been some
sympathisers but nothing much" other than Shrikant Purohit,
who was a Lieutenant Colonel, and another person.