Ex-Hazare associate still vows to abide by his principles

Gopal Rai has said Arvind Kejriwal`s newly formed political party would abide by the principles of the veteran activist.

Updated: Oct 03, 2012, 13:28 PM IST

New Delhi: Gopal Rai, a breakaway associate of anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare, has said Arvind Kejriwal``s newly formed political party would abide by the principles of the veteran activist.

"I do not want to directly name one of the key crusaders against corruption, as he wants to stay away from politics. But, I want to say that all of us should follow the principles of that activist from Ralegan Siddhi," Rai said.

"We have to fulfill his dream and follow his footsteps. Our political party will now achieve whatever has not been achieved by his fast and nationwide campaigns by Indians, who took to streets earlier this year in protest of escalating corruption. This is our intention and goal," Rai added.

Political analyst Yogendra Yadav said politics is the only modus-operandi to usher changes in socio-political perspectives.

"Today``s era is such, that if you want to foster a phenomenal change, you have to do it through politics. That is why the biggest liars, hypocrites, and impostors are involved in politics. To counter such elements, people with clean intentions will have to enter politics," Yadav said.

Kejriwal``s party, which will be named on November 26, will not allow its elected representatives to use government accommodation, security, or the red beacons that guarantee right of way for vehicles used by Members of Parliament.

Kejriwal said people of the country are looking for a political alternative, as they are fed up of corruption.

On Monday, Kejriwal met Hazare for the first time since their split, and said that although their paths have now diverged, their destination was the same.

Hazare had earlier said entering politics was not the correct way to fight corruption.

"There was no cheating. I just said that politics is dirty and not the correct way to fight corruption. If politics would have been the right way towards the bright future of a country, then why would have India mortgaged gold? Politics will not get development in the country," Hazare told media here.

Team Anna suffered a vertical split with Hazare and some top activists choosing to part ways with the Arvind Kejriwal-led group, opposing their plans to form a political party.

Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia and others want to form a political party and contest elections with the claim to usher in fundamental changes in the country`s democratic structure.