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Fake currency haul may surpass five-year record

Last Updated: Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 19:14

New Delhi: Thursday`s single haul of fake
currency from south-west Delhi may enter the record books as
it may surpass in final count the total amount of counterfeit
notes city police seized in the past five years.
The initial count of today`s seizure from Dabri suggests
a haul of over Rs six crore, which is close to the total of Rs
8.39 crore counterfeit notes Delhi Police recovered in 210
cases over the past five years.

Police, in the past five years, seized fake currency
with a face value of Rs 8,39,07,790, USD 5,800 and 2,000 Euro
with 2008 topping the list with counterfeit notes of Rs 5.91

Last year saw the least recovery in the past five years
with fake notes with a face value of Rs 28.20 lakh being
recovered in 44 cases.

"Today`s seizure is one of the biggest seizures of fake
currency in the country," Delhi Police Commissioner B K Gupta
According to Delhi Police statistics, 2007 saw the second
highest seizure with fake notes with a face value of Rs 1.01
crore in 45 cases followed by 2009 (fake notes of Rs 88.39
lakh in 47 cases) and 2010 (fake notes of Rs 28.84 lakh in 33

An analysis shows that Rs 100 note appears to be the
favourite among counterfeiters as it is the most seized
currency in the past five years.

Though 41,710 counterfeit notes of Rs ten denomination
was seized in 2010, police officials say it was an abberation
and Rs 100 note is the most counterfeited note.

Police figures show that 34,606 fake notes of Rs 100
denomination, 28,536 notes of Rs 500 and 12,167 counterfeit
notes of Rs 1,000 denomination were seized in the past five

For Rs 50 denomination, the number was 6,492, for Rs 20
it was 257 while not a single Rs five fake note was recovered
in the past five years.

This year, Police`s Crime Branch recovered fake currency
with a face value of Rs 91,000 were recovered and two persons
were arrested.

Fake note suppliers in Delhi and other places used to buy
fake notes at a rate of 50-60 per cent of the face value of
the counterfeit note and used to sell it for 70-80 per cent of
the face value, the official said.

"Seized counterfeit Indian currency notes have most of
the security features of genuine currency notes and for a man
on the street it would be difficult to find the difference on
mere looking," he said.


First Published: Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 19:14
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