Falak case: `Driver, tailor part of racket`

Driver Rana Kumar Gupta, 26, and Rahul, 24, a tailor, were arrested early this week.

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Thursday claimed that a
driver and a tailor arrested in the battered baby case were
allegedly involved in a prostitution racket spread across
several cities.

Driver Rana Kumar Gupta, 26, and Rahul, 24, a tailor,
were arrested early this week.

According to Additional Commissioner of Police Ajay
Choudhary, the duo were involved in a prostitution racket for
a long time.

He claimed that they have told police about other rackets
and their network is spread across several cities.

The duo along with Gupta`s wife Arti, pushed the
14-year-old girl, who brought the two-year-old baby girl Falak
to a hospital here, into prostitution.

Falak was brought to the AIIMS trauma centre on January
18 with severe head injury, both her arms broken, bite marks
all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron.

The intriguing case of Falak came to light after the baby
was admitted to AIIMS by the teenaged girl, who herself was a
victim of a prostitution racket. The teenager was handed over
Falak by her boyfriend.

Falak`s mother Munni was tricked into a second marriage
by three women out of which two -- Laxmi and Kanta choudhry --
were arrested. The trio had promised that her three children
will be taken care of.

Falak`s elder sister was traced to Bihar earlier this
week while police are now looking for the elder boy of the

Laxmi and her associates had allegedly arranged Munni`s
marriage with a 25-year-old youth in Rajashtan, who could not
find a bride for himself. He was made to pay Rs two lakh to
the women for arranging for a bride.

"Laxmi had convinced the young woman that her three
children will be taken care of if she agreed to the second
marriage. After her husband abandoned her, one of Laxmi`s
associate approached her and promised that they could arrange
a second marriage.

"The woman came to Delhi where she was told that she
could marry the man without telling him about her children.
She was asked to tell her second husband about it later and
then if he allowed, she could get back her children," the
official said.