Farooq slams Maken`s comments on sports bill

Abdullah said Maken should look at the stadia which are under his control and ensure their good upkeep so that athletes get a chance to compete at international level.

New Delhi: Union Minister Farooq Abdullah
on Thursday took exception to Sports Minister Ajay Maken`s remarks
on Union Cabinet`s "internal deliberations" on the National
Sports Development Bill, accusing him of violating oath of

"No Minister has the right to brief about internal
deliberations of the Cabinet until and unless decided by the
Cabinet as it is the violation of the oath of secrecy,"
Abdullah, who is the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Cricket
Association said.

Abdullah said Maken should look at the stadia which are
under his control and ensure their good upkeep so that
athletes get a chance to compete at international level.

"He has violated the secrecy clause of the Cabinet and we
will take it up deliberately at the next Cabinet Meeting,"
said the Minister who was present in the Cabinet meeting where
the draft of bill presented by the Sports Minister was

The Minister also told a TV channel that there was
nobody who was against RTI.

"There is nobody who is against RTI. None of us. I think
Ajay Maken should realise that whatever happens in meeting
cannot be discussed outside. What kind of Minister is he? We
are not against RTI. What is there to hide. They (BCCI) are
not getting any money from Government of India at all. So what
sort of thing is he asking," he said.

He, however, added that he did not wish to take up the
matter with the Prime Minister.

The Bill presented by Maken aimed at putting a age cap of
70 years for the heads of the sports bodies and also put them
under the ambit of the Right to Information Act thus bringing
more transparency in their affairs.

The Bill in the present form however was rejected during
the Cabinet meeting attended by several ministers who have
interests in the management of the sports and Maken was asked
to come with a different draft of the Bill.

Maken had said the condition to bring sports bodies
under the RTI Act will remain in the new draft as well.

"I am sorry whatever he says. I am sad about it. The way
he goes around saying it is in the national interest. Thats
all I heard. We are not against national interest. Let that be
known to Mr Maken...new bill will come, we will look into the
bill and after that Cabinet will decide," Abdullah said.

Dalits’ Lokpal draft to be submitted to Parl panel
New Delhi: Claiming that the versions of the
Lokpal Bill with the government are "incomplete", a group of
Dalit and minority leaders will tomorrow submit their version
of the anti-graft law to the Parliamentary Standing Committee
dealing with the issue.

The delegation led by Udit Raj, Chairman of All India
Confederation of SC/ST Organisations, will meet Standing
Committee chairman Abishek Singhvi and submit their version of
the proposed law -- the `Bahujan Lokpal Bill` -- for
consideration of the Parliamentary panel.

The group will seek the inclusion of monetary corruption,
socio-political corruption and religion-based corruption
besides other issues.

"The versions of government, Jan Lokpal Bill by Team Anna
and NCPRI`s bill are incomplete versions to deal with
corruption holistically. These versions do not address the
issues of SC/ST/OBC and minorities," a statement released by
the group said.

The Dalit and minority community activists had earlier
complained that their voices were being ignored both by the
`civil society` and the government.

"Our draft will protect minority community by bringing
the funds allocated for minority welfare also under the ambit
of Lokpal," Raj said.

The Bahujan Lokpal draft envisages bringing NGOs,
corporate houses and media under the ambit of Lokpal. Another
provision includes reservation for minorities in the 11-member
Lokpal Committee.

Raj said they wanted their draft also to be considered by
the government and they were for a final version of the bill
that incorporates provisions from the Jan Lokpal draft, the
Government`s draft, the NCPRI draft and also the Bahujan
Lokpal society draft.


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