Fate of Indians in hijacked UK ship uncertain

The fate of six Indian sailors in hijacked British vessel remained uncertain on Wednesday.

Mumbai: The fate of six Indian sailors in
the hijacked British vessel St James Park remained uncertain
today, two days after it was seized by pirates with
authorities yet to establish any contact with the ship.

The shipping company, UK-based Zodiac Maritime
Agencies, has been trying to contact the hijacked vessel but
is yet to succeed as the pirates have switched off all
communication devices, Director General of Shipping Lakshmi
Venkatachalam said.

"The shipping company is unable to contact the vessel.
We are in constant touch with the company. There is no news
from the crew. The communication devices of the ship have been
switched off," Venkatachalam said here.

The ship was hijacked a day after pirates released
another vessel --Kota Wajar-- carrying three Indian sailors,
after more than two months in captivity.

Pirates are now holding 45 crew members, including
six Indians in the seized UK-flagged chemical tanker and a
Panamanian carrier off the pirate-infested Somalia`s coast.

So far, the pirates have not made any ransom demand or
contacted the authorities, Venkatachalam said.

The vessel was sailing to Thailand from Spain with a
chemical used to make plastics when it sent a distress signal
from the Gulf of Aden.

After the incident, the vessel altered course and is
now heading towards the northern coast of Somalia.
St James Park had a crew of 26 and was hijacked while
it was in the Gulf of Aden Internationally Recognized Transit

"The vessel is now somewhere at a location off the
Somalian coast. The shipping company has been trying to
contact the vessel on its phone at regular intervals, but they
are yet to establish any contact," said Capt M M Saggi,
nautical advisor to the government of India.

The seized vessel had issued distress messages which
were received by the Greek rescue and coordination centre in
Piraeus, which relayed those to the International Maritime
Bureau and other agencies yesterday.