`FDI in retail indicative of colonial mindset`

Hitting out at the UPA, Rajnath Singh on Thursday said that the decision to permit FDI in retail was indicative of the colonial mindset.

Lucknow: Hitting out at the UPA, former BJP national president Rajnath Singh on Thursday said that the decision to permit FDI in retail was indicative of the colonial mindset of the Congress.

"Policies of Congress-led UPA government were already under suspicion from the beginning, now there is a question mark on its intention as well," he told reporters here.

Singh claimed the Congress party was like the British rulers who considered India a colony and not a country.

He said, "This is the reason that whatever decisions are being taken, they are being taken with the colonial mindset. All policy decisions are result of this colonial mindset".

Rajnath said that the government claims that its fiscal deficit was increasing rapidly and to reduce it, it has permitted FDI in retail. "I want to say that if the government was so concerned about its fiscal deficit, then why serious efforts are not being made to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks".

The senior BJP leader alleged that the decision to permit FDI was taken by keeping even the allies in the dark and it was contempt of the Parliament.

He said that it was the clear resolve of BJP that it would not allow anyone to take the country towards economic slavery.

Rajnath alleged that whatever decision the Prime Minister took, it was taken in haste to improve his international image.

"The PM is concerned about his international image, but he is not concerned that what his image is in the country," he alleged while referring to recent articles published in some international magazines.

He alleged that whatever decisions were taken, whether it`s FDI, they were done under the pressure of foreign powers.

The BJP leader said that when his party would come to power an inquiry would be conducted that what circumstances forced the government that in contempt of the assurance given in the Parliament FDI in retail was permitted.

He said that the government gives the logic that entry of FDI would generate one crore jobs, but questioned that what would happen to four crore people associated with the retail in the country.

"This government has signed a bilateral agreement with 82 countries, under which it is mandatory to provide level playing field to foreign investors. The states will have not any say in it," he said.

On rise in diesel price, the BJP leader said that the government logic that it was due to rising crude oil price and losses to oil PSUs was wrong.


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