`Fight against corruption won`t end with formation of JPC`

Though the Centre has indicated that it is ready to appoint a JPC to go into the 2G Spectrum issue, NDA on Thursday announced that its fight against corruption would not end with the constitution of the JPC.

Hyderabad: Though the Centre has indicated
that it is ready to appoint a Joint Parliamentary Committee
(JPC) to go into the 2G Spectrum issue, NDA on Thursday announced
that its fight against corruption would not end with the
constitution of the JPC.

"We are given to understand that the government would
appoint a JPC when the Budget session of Parliament starts.
However, our goal would not be achieved with the appointment
of JPC. We will continue to fight for complete eradication of
corruption," senior BJP leader L K Advani said here tonight,
addressing a massive rally organised by NDA-BJP against
Asserting that there will be no compromise on
corruption, he said NDA`s campaign would continue to get back
the black money stashed away in foreign tax havens.

Recalling that he had written a letter to Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh to reveal the names of those who have stashed
away their ill-gotten wealth in foreign banks, Advani said the
Prime Minister, however, expressed inability to reveal the

The BJP veteran said he was happy that the Supreme Court
asked the government to disclose the names of those Indians
who have deposited their money in foreign banks.

Attacking the Prime Minister for expressing helplessness
in checking corruption in the name of `coalition dharma`, he
charged that Manmohan Singh was seeking excuses.

"I feel sorry for Manmohan Singh`s helplessness.
Morarji Desai and Atal Bihari Vajpayee too ran coalition
governments. They followed coalition dharma but never indulged
in `bahaanebaji` (seeking excuses)," he said.
Referring to the comments made by the Supreme Court on
issues of corruption in various cases, Advani said it is for
the first time in the history of the country that the apex
court has made remarks against the government.

Speaking on the Telangana issue, he said the party is
committed to give separate statehood to the region in the
event of NDA coming to power in the 2014 general elections.

The previous NDA government could not give statehood to
Telangana as its alliance partner Telugu Desam was not in
favour of the demand, he said.

Criticising the Prime Minister for saying that "he did
know that corruption was taking place", NDA Convener Sharad
Yadav cited Chanakya as saying that the ruler who expresses
ignorance should be thrown out.

"Manmohan Singhji, NDA has no enmity with you. But it is
true that corruption is taking place from Delhi to the village
level," he said.

He took exception to the Prime Minister allegedly
saying that "only little loot has taken place and a mountain
is made out of a mole hill by the opposition and media."

Promising that the NDA would root out corruption and
give a clean administration to the people, he appealed to the
people to strengthen NDA and elect the coalition to power in
the next general elections.

Training his guns on the Prime Minister, BJP president
Nitin Gadkari asked how come Manmohan Singh could not stop the
2G spectrum scam though he was aware of it and had written a
letter to then Telecom Minister A Raja.

Highlighting the alleged corruption that has taken
place during the UPA regime, he said, "It is not BJP leaders
who are making allegations. The CAG said about Rs 1.76 lakh
crore was lost in 2G spectrum allocation. In the CWG scam,
over Rs 980 crore was spent on the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium
which could have been completed in Rs 100 crore".

Claiming that even small countries like Philippines and
Peru have obtained information on their countrymen who
deposited illegal money in foreign banks, Gadkari wondered why
the Indian government could not get information on about Rs 22
lakh crore of black money stashed away in foreign countries.

Slamming the UPA government, he said various sections
of society like farmers and common people among others were in
distress due to price rise and corruption.

Though Andhra Pradesh has elected 33 Congress MPs, it has
not benefited in any way when it suffered heavy losses due to
rains and cyclones, he said.

Akali Dal MP Balwinder Singh, Senior BJP leader M
Venkaiah Naidu, former party president Bangaru Laxman, state
BJP president G Kishan Reddy and a number of party leaders
attended the public meeting at Nizam College grounds.