Forced to be bodyguard of Sania: Shoaib Malik

Newly-wed star couple Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza appealed to media to respect their privacy.

Updated: Apr 28, 2010, 00:30 AM IST

Lahore: Newly-wed star couple Shoaib Malik
and Sania Mirza, hounded by fans and the media since their
arrival in Pakistan last week, have appealed to journalists
looking for "masala" to respect their privacy and lessen the
hype about their marriage.

In an apparent bid to address the Pakistani media`s
contention that the couple were not making any public
appearances or speaking to journalists, Shoaib and Sania gave
interviews to some TV news channels.

They also recorded their protest with the media for
intruding into their life.

"The media needs masala (spice) but it must behave in a
way that our personal life does not get affected," Sania said.
Shoaib added: "Besides being a husband, I have to
play the role of a security guard."

Shoaib said he was happy to see the celebrations in
Pakistan following his marriage but called on the media to
reduce the hype associated with the event.

"This is the marriage of two persons, just like the
marriage of any two normal persons," he said.

The cricketer said it was not as if the couple did
not wish to talk to the media.

"The media never gave us a chance to talk. If you jump on
someone, the person will take steps to protect himself," he

Asked by a TV news channel why she had not been seen
smiling in public, Sania replied: "I cannot smile if I am
stuck in a crowd and people are falling on me. The media
reports that I had tears in my eyes when my mother fell after
a crowd jostled us in Lahore are not correct.

"Actually I got worried as my mother got hurt and a
normal person feels so in such a situation... I am very happy
and have no problem in smiling. If I keep smiling all the time
people will think I am mad," she said.

The couple said people in Pakistan had given them a
"lot of love."

They also asked the people to pray for them.