Foreign hand in Anna campaign? Cong thinks so

Taking on Anna Hazare for his threat to campaign against Congress in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, a party MP from the state has hinted at "foreign" hand.

New Delhi: Taking on Anna Hazare for his
threat to campaign against Congress in poll-bound Uttar
Pradesh, a party MP from the state has accused him of
colluding with BJP and others as part of "politically-
motivated planned conspiracy" and hinted at "foreign" hand.

In a letter to Hazare, Bareilly MP Praveen Singh Aron
said had he "genuinely" wanted the Lokpal Bill to be passed,
he should have declared to campaign against BJP, SP and BSP in
Uttar Pradesh, who are opposing the legislation on "frivolous

He said people like him felt betrayed by Hazare and are
rather "disgusted" by the fact that he and his allies and the
"so-called Lokpal Bill movement by IAC have become victims of
a deep-rooted conspiracy of your political and perhaps the
foreign handlers".
Aron accused Hazare of trying to destabilize the
democratically-elected central Government "that too at a time
when our country is facing several formidable social,
economical, political and even strategic challenges.

"These are the critical times when we are facing
aggressive posturing and threats from China which has almost
become a super power."

He said the continuous "canard-spreading" and "false
propaganda" against Congress even after its ?serious efforts?
makes it clear that the anti-corruption movement has drifted
into being a "politically-motivated planned conspiracy"
against Congress and to promote otherwise bleak political
fortunes of the BJP.

He asked Hazare not to posture like ?my way or highway?
response and asked him to move forward with rest of the civil
society and to contribute his bit towards the goal of nation
"I along with hundreds of fellow MPs, hundreds of members
of Civil Society and common citizens, are of the view that it
is highly unreasonable and partisan on your (and other IAC
members) part to continue protesting and threatening a
democratically-elected Government to accept your diktats in
total knowing very well that it will not be constitutionally
appropriate, prudent, practicable and possible to do so," the
Congress MP said.

Aron, who first presented the copy of Jan Lokpal Bill to
the Parliamentary Committee looking into the issue, contended
that the Lokpal Bill tabled in Parliament yesterday has all
provisions of Jan Lokpal Bill as presented by IAC.

He accused Team Anna of not raising their voice against
"rampant corruption" of BJP and other non-Congress ruled
governments and suggested that Hazare was towing the line of
BJP and its allies in dividing the society on communal lines.

"Even after Lokpal Bill?s presentation in the Lok Sabha
your announcement and plan to campaign in all these states as
well as in the next Lok Sabha elections exposes your collusion
with the BJP and other- opponents of the Indian National
Congress," he said in the letter to Hazare.

Aron accused Team Anna of shifting "goal posts every
time" government concedes most of their demands.

"You may also be aware even if this Lokpal Bill becomes a
law, there are all possibilities of such law being set aside
and declared ulter-vires the provisions of the Indian
Constitution by a competent court of law," he said.


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