Gadkari accuses MNCs of pocketing future forward trading money

The BJP on Wednesday alleged that Rs 445 crore that came from future forward trading had been pocketed by multi-national companies.

Chandigarh: The BJP on Wednesday alleged that Rs
445 crore that came from future forward trading had been
pocketed by multi-national companies.

Addressing a felicitation function held in his honour by
the party here, BJP president Nitin Gadkari directed a poser
at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking him where Rs 445 crore
which came through future forward trading had gone.

"This money has been pocketed by MNCs, speculators and
manipulators," he said.

Charging the UPA with failure to fulfil even a single
pre-poll promise, he held its "wrong policies" responsible for
rising inflation, unemployment, poverty and suicide by

"Inflation, poverty, unemployment and suicides are not
related to any religion, but are a result of wrong economic
policies and bad governance of the Congress-led UPA at the
Centre," Gadkari said.

Taking a dig at the UPA for its "promise" to control
inflation within 100 days of coming to power, he said, "The
only thing the UPA did in the past one year was that it failed
to keep a single promise it made to the people."

Quoting Planning Commission reports, he said the BPL
population in the country had increased by 41 crore and
accused the Congress of backstabbing the poor.

"Congress has back-stabbed the poor instead of improving
their condition during its 53-year rule at the centre," he
said, adding that the successive governments headed by the
party were responsible for the increase in poverty among SCs,
STs and minorities.

In his 30-minute speech which was full of Congress
bashing, Gadkari alleged that the Congress garnered votes by
"following the policies of casteism and communalism".

Accusing the UPA of being indifferent to the plight of
farmers, he said, taking a car on loan has beocme cheaper than
purchasing a tractor and alleged that the government had no
facility to store one-third of the foodgrains produced by the
hard working peasants of the country.

"The poor are dying of hunger whereas the government is
selling foodgrains to distilleries," he said and asked if it
is the way the Congress is helping out the poor.

Taking a dig at the Centre claim that the GDP will touch
the double figure mark soon, he said that "infact the
inflation will cross double figure mark." The inflation in
countries like China and Hong Kong is around two per cent
whereas it is 11 per cent in India, he said.

He also lashed out at the SP, RJD and BSP for not
supporting the NDA during the cut motion in Parliament on fuel
prices alleging that they did so because of their fear of the


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