Gadkari asks partymen to shun culture of sycophancy

Concerned over infighting in various state units and at nationally, BJP president Nitin Gadkari urged party workers to come together.

Surajkund: BJP chief Nitin Gadkari on Thursday asked his partymen to give up the "culture of paying obeisance" like touching feet of leaders and "nurturing of personal ambitions at the cost of party", as he pushed for an image makeover with an eye on next general elections.

"Stop touching the feet of the younger leaders. This is a sign of helplessness.... Stop this drama of protocol... Worshiping the rising son is a culture of the Congress. If you deserve something, you will definitely get it," Gadkari said addressing the BJP National Council here.

While warning partymen against engaging in sycophancy to advance their careers, he said that "this maybe a practice in a ma-beta (mother-son) party," in an apparent dig at the Congress.

He insisted that BJP is not a "proprietary concern or a wholesale party".

Instead, Gadkari told his party cadre to get ready to overthrow the Congress-led government and prepare for a change of role from a "party of opposition to a party delivering good governance".

"Our party has a specialisation in being a very good opposition party. We have worked for a long time holding protests and demonstrations.

"But now we have to leave this and become a party of good economic governance. People are looking at us with lots of expectations," Gadkari said.

He attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for going into "silent mode" and pushing the country towards a policy paralysis.

"Let us throw this government out. We will go from here with this pledge," he told partymen, asking them to work towards this goal.

The BJP chief warned his party members not to nurture their personal ambitions.

"It is natural for one in politics to have expectations and ambitions. But keep them aside and work for changing the society.

"Don`t bother about who is occupying which office in the party and who is being felicitated with a bigger garland. Leave this practice."

Gadkari promised that if voted to power NDA will form the state of Telangana without any delay and also ensure social harmony, including in the north-east and Assam.

Gadkari hoped BJP will do well in the forthcoming Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

"Both are very important for us. I am confident that BJP will win with a big majority."

Citing the example of Atal Behari Vajpayee-led NDA government as a model of good governance and the success of many NDA-ruled state governments, Gadkari said "we have to focus on elections now".

"We will overthrow the Congress which has tainted the country. This is a scam-tainted government."

Gadkari said there was "uncertainty" in the air as the political set up in the country presented a picture of negativity and dismay.

Referring to UPA as a "sinking ship" whose allies were walking out one after the other, the BJP chief asserted that NDA knew the art of coalition management as the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government had 23 allies.

BJP is now trying to woo non-Congress parties to the NDA fold to improve its electoral prospects.

He accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi of being responsible for corruption in the country in the wake of the latest Coal scam.

Seeking to take "inspiration" from the land of Kurukshetra where Lord Krishna had given his sermons ahead of the epic battle, Gadkari said "truth" should emerge victorious and "corruption should lose.

BJP is using an image of Lord Krishna blowing a conch (marking the beginning of the battle) as its symbol on the posters here at the conclave.


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