Gadkari to PM: How much "percentage of culprit are you ?"

BJP President Nitin Gadkari taunted PM Manmohan Singh for his remark that he was not as big a culprit as being made out to be.

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2011, 21:29 PM IST

Bangalore: BJP President Nitin Gadkari on Sunday
taunted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his remark he
was not as big a culprit as being made out to be and asked him
how much "percentage of culprit are you ?"

"I ask the Prime Minister, how much percentage of
culprit are you ?", Gadkari said at a BJP rally referring to
Singh`s comment at his interaction with Editors of TV channels
last week.

Gadkari also accused the Congress of shying away from
taking action on black money stashed in foreign banks for fear
that it would "blacken the faces" of its leaders.

The BJP chief said that when the Supreme Court had
asked the Government why it was not disclosing names of people
having such accounts, it was told any such move "is not in the
interest of the nation."

He pointed out there is a United Nations resolution,
allowing countries to get back such money stashed abroad, but
that the UPA government had not ratified it.

"The Congress is not implementing it, because if they
do that, their leaders faces will get blackened, they would
not be in a position to show their face", he alleged.

"After NDA comes to power in 2014, we will bring back
this entire money", he said, adding these funds would be used
for the welfare of poor, farmers and for road development and
to link rivers Ganga and Cauvery to bring prosperity to the

Referring to Prime Minister`s remarks on compulsion of
coalition governments, he accused Manmohan Singh of
"outsourcing" a Department (Telecom) to an alliance partner.

"Is it coalition dharma to encourage corruption and
`adharma’,” he asked.

On the 2G scam, he quipped, "(D) Raja (former Telecom
Minister) bajayega UPA ka Baaja".(Raja will spell doom for

Gadkari also said the country`s borders are not safe.

China is building airports and developing roads in
Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, he said and referred to "Maoist
rule" in Nepal.

Naxalites are trying to create a `red zone` from
Pashupatinath in Nepal to Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, he said.

He charged Congress with indulging in `appeasing`
terrorism, noting that Afzal Guru, the main man behind the
Parliament attack, was yet to be hanged even six years after
his conviction by the Supreme Court.

"Appeasement to terrorism is being given the name of
secularism", Gadkari said.