General VK Singh says he was `misquoted`, seeks quashing of privilege motion

Former Army Chief Gen VK Singh sought quashing of Privilege Motion against him by Jammu and Kashmir Assembly over his remarks that Army had paid bribes to politicians.

Jammu: Former Army Chief Gen V K Singh has sought quashing of a Privilege Motion against him by the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly over his alleged remarks that Army had paid bribes to politicians in the state, saying various quotes ascribed to him are "inaccurate and incorrect".
In his response to Assembly Speaker Mubarak Gul on the breach of privilege notice, Gen Singh said, "In light of facts and circumstances, it is respectfully submitted that the allegations levelled against me by way of a breach of privilege motion by members of Legislative Assembly are not made out and appear to be a case of misinformation."

"Therefore, the same may kindly be quashed by your goodself (Assembly Speaker) and no further proceeding in regards thereto may kindly be carried out in the interest of justice," he said in his letter.

Gul had issued the notice on October 24 asking Singh to explain his position on allegation of pay-offs to some ministers from the army`s secret funds during his tenure.

The J&K Assembly today made his reply public and sought comments from members, who had moved the privilege motion.

"In response to the allegations levelled against, I almost respectfully point out that various quotes ascribed to me are inaccurate and incorrect to the extent of being misquotes," he said.

Gen Singh further said that during the course of TV interviews referred to in the notice, "I have not spoken anything whatsoever that could even remotely affect or obstruct the functioning, decorum, dignity or position of the legislature or any of the members thereof as also anything whatsoever that shall impede the members in carrying out their legislative functions."

"I wish to iterate that I have the utmost regard for all
democratic institutions of the nation inter alia, all Legislative Assemblies and Houses of Parliament and also the members and functionaries thereof," Singh said in his letter.

"I have not spoken anything that was not available in the public domain by way of certain books already published or the wiki-leaks expose, prior to my TV interviews," he said.

"I had clarified the entire issue during a press conference and defended institutions of J&K against the slander that was published by several newspapers as also electronic media, thereby leaving no ambiguity whatsoever as to the stand I had taken in the alleged TV interview," he sought to clarify.

"I further wish to point out that whatever I had spoken during the course of the TV interviews or in the press is based on the information I received from my colleagues and subordinates and also during discharge of my duty in compliance with the directives of my superiors," he said.

"If this House or your goodself requires pursuing any such record then the same may be requisitioned from the competent authorities or the Union government in right earnest," he said.

"With all the humility at my command, I reiterate and reassure your goodself and the august Assembly that my intent and motives are bona fide and none of my acts is neither directed at lowering the prestige or violating the privilege of Jammu and Kashmir Legislature nor obstructing or adversely affecting the functioning of the august House and its members thereof, for whom I have always had utmost regard and I hold them in high esteem," Singh added.

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