Give clarification on EU Naga visit: BJP to Govt

Raising serious concerns over recent visit by ambassadors of EU to Nagaland in violation of norms, BJP sought a clarification from the govt.

New Delhi: Raising serious concerns over the recent visit by ambassadors of eight nations of the European Union to Nagaland in violation of norms, BJP on Wednesday sought a clarification from the Government on the issue and steps taken by it.

Raising the issue in Rajya Sabha during Zero Hour, Tarun Vijay (BJP) said even though the ambassadors were the country`s guests, they could not violate the rules of the land by visiting certain areas without prior permission and meeting church leaders in a bid to internationalise the situation there.

He said the Home Ministry has also raised objections to the their visit to Nagaland without permission and written to the External Affairs Minister expressing concerns over the matter, saying they were attempting to internationalise the internal situation in Nagaland.

The BJP member also pointed out that the ambassadors proposed to visit Arunachal Pradesh and said Government must intervene to stop them (ambassadors) from visiting such areas where they are not allowed.

"Government should give some clarification," he said, adding that even where Indians are not allowed to travel without inner-line permits, how can foreign emissaries be allowed.
He said the EU envoys were reported to have gone there on the pretext of development, but said they have not talked about development and were instead reported to be talking about the political situation and unrest locally.

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