`Govt engineered high drama in RS on Lokpal`

Former Cabinet minister and Team Anna member Shanti Bhushan said that whole nation watched democracy massacre.

Ghaziabad: Team Anna on Friday sought to tear
into Government on the Lokpal Bill alleging that it engineered
the high drama in Rajya Sabha as it did not have the intention
to set up a strong anti-corruption ombudsman.

Putting the blame squarely on government, Anna Hazare`s
supporters contended that Government could have passed the
bill if it had accepted the three amendments -- independence
of CBI, selection and removal process and delinking Lokayukta
-- on which opposition was in agreement.

They chose not to attack opposition on its insistence
that Lokayukta in states should not be brought through the
Bill, though it is one of their key demands, but insisted that
its passage after accepting opposition amendments would have
been the first step towards setting up a strong Lokpal.

"The way the voting in Rajya Sabha was prevented shows
that Government was committing fraud after fraud. They say
they want to bring a strong Lokpal but they don`t have the
intention," Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal told reporters

He said the Bill presented in the House was not only weak
but also "dangerous" as the ombudsman was fully under the
control of government.

In Lok Sabha, he said, 55 amendments were moved and all
of them were not uselss. There were good amendments like the
one demanding independence for CBI but all of them were
defeated by the government "wrongly using its majority", he

Noting that the entire opposition was in agreement with
three amendments, Kejriwal said if there was voting, it would
have been carried out as two of them -- on CBI and selection
and removal process -- were critical.

"It would have been the beginning of a strong Lokpal," he
said while another Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan said,
"now the fight is for to save democracy."


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