Govt knew about Purulia arms drop case: Kim Davy
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Last Updated: Thursday, April 28, 2011, 23:57
New Delhi: Government today dismissed claim by Purulia arms drop case accused Kim Davy that the 1995 operation was carried out by the "political forces" at the Centre to destabilise the then Jyoti Basu government of West Bengal.

High level government sources said Davy's claim is "far fetched" and a "tactic to complicate" the process of his extradition from Denmark.

They said there was no need for the Centre to take help from people like Davy to dismiss an elected dispensation as there were various other methods available to destabilise.

"The then Central (Congress) government had no intention to destabilise the Jyoti Basu government by arming people opposed to it," the sources said.

Davy, prime accused in Purulia arms drop case, claimed on a news channel that the then PV Narasimha Rao government had plotted the operation to destablise the West Bengal government by arming the locals in West Bengal.

He also claimed that India's external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) planned the operation with the help of its British counterpart MI-5 on directions.

"Of course there were Indians involved. There were political forces in the Centre... Central government approved the plan to arm the innocent people (of Purulia). Not only RAW was informed of the arms drop months in advance by an external force, but it also approved of it in advance," Davy alleged.

"The Indian authorities knew the flight plan, people on-board, the cargo, the drop zone. Everything was known and approved well in advance," he claimed from an undisclosed location.

Government sources rejected Davy's claim that Indian agencies were in the know of the Purulia arm, saying it is "completely false. Otherwise the Central government would not have approached the Danish government for his extradition."

A lower court in Denmark has ordered the extradition of Niels Christien Nielsen alias Kim Davy to India following which he approachaed the higher court in that country, challenging the lower court order.

Sources said that by making allegations against the Indian government he wants to complicate the whole issue and wants to further delay his extradtion to India.

Denmark government wanted India to ensure that Davy would not be given death sentence if he is extradited, which was agreed to. Cong accuses Left of inaction in Purulia arms drop case.

Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan sought to put the Vajpayee government in the dock alleging it had taken the "most unpatriotic" decision to release another Purulia arms drop accused Peter Bleach.

"BJP has not explained why it gave Presidential pardon to Bleach and allowed him to go. BJP has to answer to the nation why it did not take Bleach's case to the logical conclusion despite the fact that he had committed treason", she said.

BJP denied the Congress charge that it had allowed Bleach to go free when the NDA was in power.

"When were the arms dropped? Narasimha Rao government was there... As far as Bleach is concerned, he was convicted to five or seven years in jail. He was released later. This in no ways explains or justifies that it was collusion between two intelligence agencies and the Indian government encouraged it to destabilise a democratically elected government," BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

"We may have our reservations about the Left government in West Bengal but how can the government permit collusion between two intelligence agencies to permit arms drop intended to destablise a democratically elected government?" he said, adding "if this claim is true, it is very depressing, disturbing, and deeply condemnable."

Left parties said the statement by Davy confirmed that there was "a well-planned conspiracy" in 1995 to use violence to topple the Left Front government in West Bengal.

CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat said "all investigation at that time showed that this was a conspiracy which had international ramifications and an internal dimension. It was a political game to destabilise the Left Front government ... by many forces..."

"Government should explain why when the British intelligence informed them and this was confirmed by Peter Bleach (who was sentenced in the case), no action was taken to stop it," Karat said.

His colleague Sitaram Yechury said Davy's statement "completely confirms and vindicates CPI(M)'s assertions over the past 15 years that the arms drop was planned to destabilise the duly-elected Left Front government and there was direct involvement of the Centre in it as was done in the case of Tripura earlier.

"Chidambaram, who has been accusing the Left, must answer as to how the then Congress government facilitated, sanctioned and permitted such a huge arms drop to topple an elected government," Yechury said.

CPI National Secretary D Raja said the then Congress government had tried to implement a "nefarious and sinister design" to topple the Left Front government.

"We demand that the government should order a high-level inquiry into this," he said.


Whatever may be the truth behind the controversial case, subsequent governments, indeed, have been guarded about the entire sequence of events, and even a RTI query on the issue was turned down.

Reacting to the development, CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat sought an explanation from the Centre.

First Published: Thursday, April 28, 2011, 23:57

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