Govt opposed to PM under Lokpal: Sibal

Government said prima facie it was opposed to the inclusion of PM under the ambit of Lokpal.

New Delhi: Government on Saturday said prima
facie it was opposed to the inclusion of Prime Minister under
the ambit of Lokpal but was open to the idea to cover him once
he demits office.

"Within the government, we feel prima facie, the Prime
Minister should not be covered (under the Lokpal). But at the
same time we want to make sure that if he demits office, he
should not be exonerated from prosecution," HRD Minister Sibal
told a news channel.

At the same time, he said the government will only
decide on the issue after the draft bill goes to the Cabinet.

Sibal`s comments came two days ahead of the the final
meeting of the joint drafting committee on Lokpal Bill.
However, he said, the five ministers in the joint drafting committee were willing to be persuaded to bring the
Prime Minister under the ambit of the anti-corruption legislation if the civil society side gives a compelling

While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has publicly stated that he was open to the idea of bringing the post under
the Lokpal, Sibal said it was not the question of "an individual, Manmohan Singh but it`s about an institution".
Arguing against the inclusion of a Prime Minister in
office under the ombudsman, the minister said, "Which Prime
Minister in office anywhere in the world has been prosecuted
in the world? Please tell me, please give me an example."

He said people rallied behind Anna Hazare during his
protest as they were upset with corruption but most of them do
not know what is Lokpal Bill.

"Anna Hazare is like the `Pied Piper of Hamelin`. The
tune is lilting and people were upset with corruption just as
government is. We want to deal with it. But those who follow
him, where they say corruption should be deal with, do not
know what the Lokpal Bill is," he said.