Govt ready for formation of NCTC

The NCTC will be headed by a Director-level officer who will report directly to the Home Minister, sources in the government have informed.

Dinesh Sharma

New Delhi: The National Counterterrorism Centre (NCTC) will be headed by a Director-level officer who will report directly to the Home Minister, highly placed sources in the government have informed.

The funds for the NCTC will be provided by the Union Home Ministry with additional budgetary allocation from consolidated fund, sources added.

The Cabinet Committee on Security will take up the issue in its next meeting.
The NCTC will have a staff of about 300· It will be the only primary organisation in the country to give a detailed threat perception to a host of users, nearly 50 agencies, like intelligence, police, defence, foreign affairs, space, science and technology etc· In addition it will give long-term and short-term analysis, threat perceptions and solutions for them·

The NCTC will have an Operations Division, though armed operations against terror outfits and crime syndicates will be carried out by concerned agencies with its assistance and guidance.
However, the NCTC will not have the power to arrest or lodge an FIR. This will have to be done by concerned agencies on directions from either of the 14 Divisions of the NCTC·

The commission will be a data base for all terror and security related issues. The data base will be connected through a secure online system with all stake holders.

All 14 divisions of NCT to have different expertise and areas of specialisation·

NCTC will be the nodal centre for all strategic planning and target oriented blueprints. All stake holders will be dutybound to give information to NCTC, as and when desired and sought by it. These include all agencies working in the domain of intelligence and security related work.

NCTC to have authority to plan, recommend action for counter-terror operations to all concerned officials.

The NCTC will have a specialised Task Force to assist in all operations.