`Guru-chela relationship between India, Tibet`

Dalai Lama on Thursday said the relationship between India and Tibet was that of `guru & chela`.

Patna: Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai
Lama on Thursday said the relationship between India and Tibet was
that of a `guru and chela` (teacher and disciple).

"India is the guru and we are reliable chelas. Since we
have produced Buddhist scholars according to Nalanda
tradition, we could be termed as reliable chelas for keeping
the Nalanda tradition of Buddhism intact," the Lama said.

He was speaking on the inauguration of a park named
`Buddha Smriti Park` here on `Buddha Purnima`, the holy day on
which Lord Buddha was born, got Enlightenment and
Mahaparinirvana (unity with the absolute).

The Dalai Lama also named the 200-foot-high main stupa
dedicated to the memory of Buddha as `Pataliputra Karuna

After the ceremony he told reporters that things were
changing fast in China.

"Things were changing in China since the 1959 crisis.
Over the last two years, more than 1,000 articles have been
written by 200 Chinese authors who are very supportive of our
stand of an independent Tibet," the Lama said.

He said historically China too had Buddhist affiliations
and there were over 200 million Chinese Buddhists which was
more than the number of Indian Buddhists.
Referring to the Naxalite problem, the Buddhist leader
said one needed to go to the root cause of the problem.

Reforms were not reaching the masses and people of upper
castes were exploiting the lower castes, he alleged.

He congratulated Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for
initiating development measures and said the state was back on
the track of development.

Addressing the function, Nitish Kumar said the stupa
enshrining relics from different countries of Asia epitomized
universal brotherhood and peace.

Kumar said the state government had taken up a special
project to identify and develop the Buddhist circuit in Bihar
in order to encourage visitors to go beyond Bodhgaya, Vaishali
and Nalanda to see innumerable other sites of Buddhist

He sought blessings from the Dalai Lama and monks of
different countries in his endeavour to make Bihar a developed


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