Guv`s another salvo: Not satisfied with Yedd`s reply

Governor HR Bhardwaj said he was not satisfied with CM BS Yedyurappa`s reply to his two letters about corruption charges against him and his ministers.

Bangalore: Firing yet another salvo at BJP government in Karnataka, Governor H R Bhardwaj on Monday said he was not satisfied with Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa`s reply to his two letters about corruption charges against him and his ministers.

"I am not satisfied by the reply given by the Chief Minister on the questions I raised over allegations of corruption, illegal mining and land scams", Bhardwaj said, a day after Yeddyurappa despatched his missive to the Governor in response to the two letters he wrote on December 15.

Dismissing the contents of Yedyurappa`s reply as only a "defence" and not indicative of "action", Bharadwaj, who seemed to be have been irked by its tone and tenor, said "No, I am not satisfied. Let me tell you".
Speaking to reporters here, he hit back at BJP leaders who have been critical of his actions.

Bhardwaj said "I had posed two fundamental questions which are still on my mind and are causing me lot of mental tension. Instead of being obliged to me for pointing out what it needs to be done for the welfare of the people, they are criticising me".

"The first question was when I found ministers in this government are indulging in illegal mining and making crores and crores of rupees by depriving the people of the state of their dues and from the government exchequer. The matter is serious. Any individual citizen can be immediately dealt with by the law enforcement agency but nothing moves against powerful people. This is what is being demonstrated by the country", Bhardwaj said.
"The second thing is about the ministers indulging in corruption. I do not have any information, it is what I have I read in the newspapers. I have received representation form the NGOs and the media. Can I ignore ministers making crores and crores of rupees? is for the government to find out the wrong doings", he said.


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