‘Hazare not aware of the whole matter on PM’

Team Anna said the activist was not aware of the "whole matter" regarding the PM and they will apprise him about it.

New Delhi: After Anna Hazare described Manmohan Singh as an honest man, his team, which had put the Prime Minister on a list of "corrupt ministers", today said the activist was not aware of the "whole matter" regarding the PM and they will apprise him about it.

Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan said most of the documents are in English and Hazare cannot read the language.

"So these large number of documents have to be translated into Hindi to enable him to go through it. It is not possible to translate all these documents that fast so that he could read it. He knew the larger points like which minister has what charges against him and all.

"But on the Prime Minister, he did not know the whole matter. But he has full faith in us that we are doing the right thing, that the panel has vetted it," Bhushan told reporters here.

His response came to a question on Hazare describing Singh as an honest man after his team had on Saturday clubbed him with 14 Union Ministers levelling corruption allegations against them. Hazare had said he has not seen the papers regarding Singh and that he would seek clarification from his team when he comes to Delhi in first week of June.
Another activist Arvind Kejriwal said Hazare knows about "all the issues" and if he wants to see the documents regarding Singh, they will show it to him when he comes to Delhi.

"When he came to Delhi for the March 25 protest, he was briefed about the charges against each and every minister. We wrote letters to ministers regarding the allegations after the instruction from Anna," Kejriwal said.

He said they had raised charges on coal scam and had named Sriprakash Jaiswal but later they came to know that he was not in charge of the Ministry.

Kejriwal said they all speak to Hazare and even today, he spoke to him and briefed him about the fresh allegations they were going to raise against External Affairs Minister S M Krishna.

Responding to a letter written by Krishna to Team Anna, Bhushan said that the Minister`s contention that Supreme Court has ordered a stay into the investigations on dereservation of forest land in Karnataka does not in any way detract from the need for an independent investigation into the matter.