Hazare`s blogger hits out at Team Anna

Anna Hazare on Friday appeared to have fallen out with his official blogger Raju Parulekar.

Mumbai/New Delhi: Anna Hazare on Friday appeared to have fallen out with his official blogger Raju Parulekar who accused prominent Team Anna members of leading the Gandhian into a "blackhole" for their vested interest after Hazare took exception to his views on disbanding the Core Committee.

It all started with Hazare telling reporters in New Delhi that how can Parulekar, a journalist who is the activist`s official blogger, talk about disbanding Team Anna`s Core Committee and that he will question him.

"I have not employed him or giving him salary. How can he say all these things. I will ask him," Hazare said when asked about Parulekar`s views.

"I have not told him anything about this. If he has written anything like that then I will take action," he said.

Parulekar responded by saying that the issue raises a question on his integrity and honour.

"I will defend myself and will prove that whatever I wrote or said was with consent of Anna Hazare. The Team Anna Arvind, Sisosida and Kiran Bedi are leading Anna toward a blackhole and towards doom for their vested interests," he told reporters.

"I will prove with documentary evidence that whatever I have said and was written on the blog had Anna`s consent," he said.

He said he was "really shattered" at the way Hazare and his team "disrespect me and tried to prove me dishonest"

"Part of media called me an agent of some minister at the Centre. They laughed on me with ugly hatred. Nobody has stood by me when many of them know my honesty and integrity in media and in personal life since last 15 years," he said.


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