‘Hazare`s movement humbug, politically motivated’

A retired judge has dubbed Anna`s anti-corruption movement "a humbug" and "completely politically-motivated."

Mumbai: Anna Hazare has come under sharp attack from some civil society members including a retired judge who dubbed his anti-corruption movement "a humbug" and "completely politically-motivated."

Retired Bombay High Court judge Justice (retd) Suresh Hosbet said it is wrong to credit Hazare for drawing people`s attention towards corruption while reformist writer and activist Asghar Ali Engineer alleged his movement is only aimed at attacking Congress.

"The movement is a humbug and is completely politically-motivated," said Justice Suresh.

Instead, Hazare should enter politics and fight for eradicating corruption, he said after releasing the book "Anna Hazare Upsurge: A Critical Appraisal" on Tuesday.

The book is a compilation of `critical` articles on Hazare during his agitation for Lokpal Bill last year.

"Corruption is not something that has come just now. Anna`s movement is politically coloured. They (Team Anna) are not part of politics and therefore they should enter it," the judge said.

He also questioned Hazare`s demand for passing "his version" of Lokpal in Parliament. "How in a democracy can one say that my Bill should be passed and that too without any changes?" he asked.

Engineer, who authored the book, alleged that Hazare`s movement is "RSS sponsored" and that it is only aimed at attacking Congress.

"There is so much corruption in the BJP," he alleged and added "But they do not speak a word on it. It seems that the whole movement is against Congress."

Engineer also alleged that in Hazare`s Ralegan Siddhi village, the dalits were made to live outside the village.

He also questioned Hazare`s credentials as a Gandhian.

"The media wrongly calls him a Gandhian. He is known to not just advocate violence but even practice it to get alcoholics shun alcoholism," he said, adding, "There is no place for violence in Gandhian principles."