Headley wrote his will before travelling to India

David Headley wrote a will and emailed it to his friend and co-accused Tahawwur Rana.

Chicago: Apprehending arrest during his
India visit after the Mumbai attacks, David Headley wrote a
will and emailed it to his friend and co-accused Tahawwur
Rana, as to what should be done to his wives and children in
the event of his death or arrest.

"I am travelling and things are so bad these days, I
would like to leave a few instructions with you in case of my
death or if I am anticipated for some reason," Headley wrote
to Rana on March 3, 2009 in an email.

Explaining the purpose behind this email, Headley said
he was afraid of going back to India at this point of time
because of increased surveillance.

"Why?" he was asked.

"Because I have been coming in and out of India before
the (Mumbai) attacks, conducted the surveillance, (so I was)
was concerned about being apprehended in India during the
travel," he said.

In the email he identifies his two wives as M1 and M2.

"First of all M2. Please get her to Canada as soon as
possible. Till that time comes, send her USD 350 per month
through Pasha. Communicate with her through him and don`t give
her your numbers, even if you call her, as the number doesn`t
show up on card calls. When she does get the visa, give her
Canadian USD 6000 and ticket and instructions," Headley said.

"Regarding M1, sit with her and decide whether she
should return home immediately, or after one year, or after
two years. We will play this by ear if I am incapacitated, if
I die then use your best judgment," he wrote.

"I would like my sons to get into Aicthison after
their Hifz, to if you can swing it, great, and if not then
whatever is the next best option," he said.

Headley also revealed the details of his assets to

"I have 2 shops in Dubai completely paid up. The
larger one has two more years on the lease. The rent is fixed
at 23,780 dirham quarterly. It was paid in Feb so you can
figure out when next it is due. The smaller one has one year
on its lease. Rent is 12,200 quarterly, paid in Jan so figure
out the rest.

The guy managing these properties is Imran Lodhi
and his number is 011-971-50-214-2936 he has 2 months rent
with him for EACH shop now, that is of October, Nov 08 and of
Jan, Feb, 09," he said.

"I let him keep it since I owe 166,000 dirham on the
3rd shop I am planning to buy. The balance of this payment,
after deducting the four months -rent will be paid after I
sell this plot in Pakistan. After that I will have to pay the
balance on the 3rd shop by 2011 the amount is 166000
multiplied by six. All these 3 shops are in Shazis name,"
Headley said.

"I have 117 acres land near Gharo. That whole
situation will be explained to you by Solat when it becomes
necessary. I will give you Power of Attorney to act and
negotiate with JKS on my behalf or my heirs will give it to
you if I am not around. Solat is five percent owner of that
land and any deal that arises from it, though not on paper but
it should be considered as such. This property is in my name,"
Headley wrote.

"The last thing is Abba`s house, 60 percent of it is
owned by me. Abba`s share comes to about 21 marlas. I want my
sons to keep that house at ALL costs. Once again Solat has all
the necessary details pertaining to this house. I want this
issue settled as soon as possible as I fear the other heirs of
my father may have-a change of niyyat after my departure or
incapacitation," he said.

Headley also gave details of money owed by him.
"Here is the list of what I owe. Tawaid Nawab: Rs.150
000, Hamzah: Rs.400, 000; Chand bhai: Rs.100, 000; Tahir Saleem:
Rs.40,000. That`s my old friend," Headley said in his
email to Rana.

In his closing notes, Headley wrote: "There are some
small things which Shazi can brief you about if necessary like
some cash in dads account to be divided amongst us and about
three acres of agriculture land of his or my car etc. and one
small plot in Bahria town 50 percent of which Solats and the
rest is in Shazis name. The value is only around three lakh


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