Highlights of PM`s interaction with media

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday talked with senior press editors at his official 7 Race Course Road residence.

Updated: Feb 16, 2011, 14:22 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday talked with senior press editors at his official 7 Race Course Road residence. The Q&A session was broadcast live on Doordarshan.
Here are the highlights of PM’s interaction with the media:


- Scams sap our confidence, affect our image

- Govt dead serious about tackling corruption

- The corrupt will be booked

- I am aware of moral responsibility in corruption cases

- Tells media opinions are subjective, but facts sacrosanct

- Media sending out impression that India is a scam-riddled country

- Irregularities my biggest regret of UPA II

- We take our job very seriously, are here to tackle problems

2G scam

- Wrote to A Raja about concerns regarding Telecom Ministry

- Asked Raja to deal with all issues in fair and equitable manner

- Expressed concern to Raja on Spectrum auction

- Raja said 2G Spectrum auction not recommended by TRAI, Telecom Commission

- Raja had agreed to 3G Spectrum auction

- Raja continued with prevailing policy in 2G spectrum

- First come first serve basis in 2G was not discussed with me

- Finance Ministry had proposed high pricing for spectrum

- Licences issues never referred to me

- No reason for me to believe that something was amiss in telecom policy

- CAG said that 2G scam’s is a presumptive loss

- Some things later turn out to be different than what we assume at a given point of time


- Not afraid of appearing before any committee

- Have already declared that I am willing to appear before PAC

- I have no problem in appearing before JPC

- Making an honest effort so that Budget Session of Parliament will be in orderly fashion

- Talks on with Opposition parties; whatever the differences, Parliament should function


- No backroom talks in Devas S-Band deal by PMO

- Space Commission was asked to decide on annulment

- German Foreign Minister never mentioned anything on Devas

- Decision to annul Devas-Antrix deal was taken in July 2010

- PMO never interfered with annulment decision

Price Rise

- Economy in good shape, to grow at 8.5% this fiscal

- The way India tackled financial crisis, does our country a great credit

- Inflation, especially food inflation, has been a problem in recent months

- High prices due to India becoming open economy

- Want to deal with inflation in a manner so that growth rhythm is not disturbed

- If just wanted to check inflation, could have brought in tighter monetary policy

- Hurting growth rate won’t do good to the country

- Don’t have control over international events like rising oil and food prices

- Assure inflation will come down to 7% by end of this fiscal

- Indian growth model unique

- High growth rate achieved within democratic model

- Food inflation hurts the poor

- Poor spend 60% of their income on food

- No change in food prices distributed through PDS since 2002

- We have put social safety nets in form of NREGA for poor

- India is still a poor country, we can use development assistance


- Not lost will to take hard decisions on economic reforms

- Opposition parties including Left not cooperating on reform agenda

- Economic growth not adversely affected despite international situation biggest achievement

- BJP has taken a hostile attitude towards government’s economic policy

- BJP wants us to take back cases against a person in Gujarat


- We are working for a consensus on Telengana

- Studying Srikrishna Committee report on Telengana


- In Northeast things are getting normalized

- Talks on with ULFA, they have given up violence

- ULFA dialogue process a welcome step

- Had a good meeting with ULFA leaders

- We are serious for an honourable solution

- Hopeful that Congress will win third term in Assam


- Mideast revolutions won’t happen in India due to democracy

- We have free press, so Arab revolt not possible here

- Welcome dawn of democracy everywhere including Egypt


- Internal security of the country has been of great concern

- Are prepared to deal with acts of terror

- Have prevented many potential terror attacks, the govt deserves credit for that

- Last year, all top leaders of P5 countries visited India; this never happened before

- World today appreciates India as a functioning democracy

- India committed to democracy, rule of law

- Whatever our own domestic weaknesses, should not create a situation where country loses self- confidence

- Media has obligation to work in a spirit that India as a whole marches forward


- In J&K, after some turbulence, signs that situation is getting under control

- People in J&K could look forward to orderly development

- Rangarajan report implementation will help J&K youth

On Governance

- Never thought of resigning as I have a job to do

- Lot of unfinished work left, will stay the course

- Too early talk about being PM in next term

- Congress cohesive and united

- Cabinet will be reshuffled after Budget Session

- There are some compulsions of coalition politics

- We sometimes have to compromise in coalition


- PM extends best wishes to Team India for World Cup

- Life is learning and relearning process

- From academics, civil service, politics, it has been an education