`If Asaram is a rapist, why he has female followers?`

Asaram Bapu`s Public Relations Officer Neelam Dubey criticised journalists for running a media trial on the self-styled godman.

Noida: Asaram Bapu`s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Neelam Dubey on Sunday criticised journalists for running a media trial on the self-styled godman, and questioned the motive for delay in the coming forth of the fresh allegations against Asaram Bapu.

"I was watching in the television, and understand that this is a 2002 and 2004 matter. My question is that if the incident happened in 2002 and 2004, then why did they wait this long to come forward? And if they are coming forward now, then why are they coming forward?" Dubey said here, questioning the alleged victims.

"Secondly, the media is reasoning that they were scared previously and thus, didn`t come forward. My question is, if this is true, who have taken their fear away now? The media had turned against Bapu in 2008, as well. They could have come forth then, but didn`t," Dubey added.

Furthering the onslaught on the media, Dubey alleged that journalists were taking all pillars of democracy into their own hands, which has blurred the lines between the keepers of law and order in the country.

"The media is helping them (the victims come forward), right? So, now it is the media who decides how the country will run. Now, the media will decide how the law works. Media will decide what the judge has to do. Media will decide what the police has to do. Media will decide what the Prime Minister has to do. Then, why are there going to be elections? Let the media sit in office. ...The media has turned police in the case. ... I am not blaming, but even the police doesn`t investigate as much as the media. That`s all I am saying, and it is the truth," she said.

Dubey also expressed that the media has portrayed Asaram unfairly and with bias, and urged them to debate: "If Bapu and Narayan Sai are rapists, why do they have so many female followers? They, obviously, will not be followers without reason, right?"

She also added that Asaram`s followers have given the authorities their full support so that the truth comes forward in the multiple allegations levelled against the self-styled godman.

In fresh trouble for controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, two sisters from Surat have filed a rape case against him and his son Narayan Sai.

According to reports, two sisters have lodged rape cases against Asaram and Narayan Sai alleging sexual assault between 2002 and 2004.

According to the FIR, Asaram raped the elder sister at Ahmedabad ashram and his son raped the younger one in Surat between 2002-04.

Asaram, 72, was arrested on September 1, on allegations of sexual assault on a minor at his ashram in Jodhpur and is currently in jail.

Asaram has been booked under Sections 376, 342, 506 and 509 of the IPC, Section 8 of the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act ( POCSO ) and Sections 23 and 26 of the Juvenile Justice Act.

Besides the summons served on Asaram Bapu, notices have also been issued to the manager of the Chhindwara gurukul in Madhya Pradesh, the hostel warden and the main caretaker of Asaram, who was present at Manai Ashram in Jodhpur on August 15, when the alleged sexual assault took place there.


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