`Implementation of Sachar report faulty’

A Parliamentary panel has suggested that the government bring a law to ensure time-bound execution.

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2011, 11:30 AM IST

New Delhi: A Parliamentary panel has found fault with the implementation of Sachar Committee recommendations for the upliftment of Muslims and suggested that the government bring a law to ensure their time-bound execution.

The Standing Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment in its 17th report has said that except the scholarship schemes and financial aid to the community under Maulana Azad Foundation, the Minority Affairs Ministry headed by Salman Khurshid was "not paying heed to the root of the problems as publicised in the report of Sachar Committee".

The panel felt that the measures can be implemented forcefully if there is any legal power to ensure that the recommendations see execution.

"The Committee hence desires that the ministry should work in the direction of bringing a law in Parliament in this regard," it said.

Rejecting the government`s claims that it was according high priority to the execution of decisions taken on Sachar Committee`s recommendations, the Parliamentary panel headed by BSP MP Dara Singh Chauhan said the recommendations were not being implemented in a serious manner.

The report was tabled in both Houses of Parliament on August 04.

"The report of Sachar Committee, which throws light on the pitiable social and economic condition of minorities, if implemented fully, will help a great deal in their upliftment. Hence the Committee recommends that necessary steps be
immediately taken to implement all recommendations of the Sachar Committee in a time-bound manner," it said.

Earlier, a study by the Centre for Equity Study headed by NAC member Harsh Mander had also pointed out inadequacies in implementation of Sachar Committee recommendations.